Kodi. 25. Canada. FTM Trans. Collared sub.

Artist. Writer. Bone collector. Gorehound. Fuelled by coffee and cigarettes.

Scorpio. Gaelic pagan and heathenry. Fascinated by alchemy. Native pride.
Some call me a pretentious asshole. Others call me a god. I am neither, and both all at once.
Let me pick your skull apart, and eat the delicious grey matter inside.
Rampant introvert, living with my bitch-cat, bone collection, and horror movies.
Barry fucking Burton is my role model.
I have strong opinions on the Oxford comma.
Firm believer in Linux and the FOSS mentality.
No, I won't call you daddy.
Yes, I design shit around here. For free. Just ask.

I'm well aware that I have a reputation in certain circles. Let me tell you that you don't know shit about me.
If you're here to bitch at me for being mean to you in a cult, go somewhere else.
Honestly, I've been here way too damn long.
I'm really only here for roleplaying and free food.

The Untouchables

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Get Scared. From First to Last. Sabaton. Suicide Silence. Underoath. My Chemical Romance. Combichrist. William Control. New Years Day. The White Noise.

Basically industrial, metalcore, deathcore, punk, synth pop, power metal, pop punk, and grunge.