Name: Jill.
Age: 27.
Account: Premium.
Status: In a Relationship.
Location: California.


Okay! So let's actually write an about me. I'm currently living in California been here for the last five to six years. Born and raised in Florida, I came across the country basically for an adventure and I've had one ever since. I'm the oldest child of my parents, but the only child of my father. Confusing enough. I'm twenty seven, I work in retail and I tend to just avoid social interactions. I'm actually going to try to change that about myself.

Aside from working, I'm mostly on here or on youtube watching Let's plays or Make up channels because I have a spending too much money on shit problem. So I instead, watch reviews and live through them. Really shy person, I can be kinda rude if I just want to avoid a situation, I also don't enjoy the weird messages of people 'kissing', 'biting' or anything that has an action within the whole message. It's weird and really unwanted, you wouldn't do it in real life would you? That's considered

Erm, I enjoy talking with my friends, but I can become really distant really fast, as well as get super clingy. Either way, it's a confusing process for me.