Welcome To my page!

Morning! It's morning for me as I write bullshit crap right now for an actual profile description. I go by Jill online but most people know my legal name and you will probably learn it too if we ever become friends. I'm shy, like awkwardly hedgehog curled up shy. I cannot stand being the center of attention, I like having friends and lately I've been pushing myself to try new things.

Things to try to talk about when you message me is Video games; I play a slew of things so pick something. I watch a LOT of youtube - Try to suggest something to me. As well, I have a weird obsession with Role playing cults and writing.

We can be friends on one condition - You do not call me pretty at all. Oh, and my boyfriend is always going to be ten times cooler than you.

People I admire

Cults I "Staff/Design or am a member" of

Veniality Olympos Avidita Pedestra Shadevale ... ... ... ... ... ... ...