About Her

My name is Leigh and I am a mom of a beautiful boy Jacob who is my greatest accomplishment.

I can honestly say I am probably not like everyone else you meet in life. Yes I know you're probably thinking "Ya, ya. I've heard that one before." But I guess you wouldn't really know if you don't bother to read this or make an attempt to know and understand me.

I find beauty in just about everything, I am there for others, loving, compassionate, and even with all the tragedy in the world I never give up hope, and have faith in humanity. I may not live a "rich" life but I'm truly happy. I have my family and a good outlook on life. I have been through my fair share but hasn't everyone? I just simply choose to use it all as a lesson and benefit from it.
I am an open book, have nothing to hide, no reason to pretend.