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Sex: female
Age: 23
Location: Breda, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Partner in crime with: sicknesswithin
Rating: 9.89
Rating points: 5610
Member since: June 14, 2007
Last logged in: November 24, 2015, 02:53pm
Account Status: Model
Rated by: 567 people
Latest Journal Entry: No Subject   November 22, 2015, 12:01pm


Hallo! I'm Mara, aka Psychara. I'm an 22 year old Alt model from the Netherlands. This is my ultimate random page where you can follow my shit. Enjoy!


• What is your name / How old are you / Where are you from?:
~ My name is Mara, I'm 21 years old and live in the Netherlands.

• Where do you get your dreads / How to you wear your dreads / How do you make them?:
~ I make my dreads myself and wear them in hairfalls. My hairfalls contain synthetic dreads and wool roving dreads. I do not sell these tho..!
Here is a video of how I wear them: http://youtu.be/mqNNEnE133Q
Here's how to make wool roving dreads: http://youtu.be/KLob01wTrqE

I also have real dreads of my own hair now, and simply tie in wooldreads or synthetic dreads!
Here's how I wear hairfalls now: http://youtu.be/g0Ws9H92R0s
Here's a video on how to wear dreadextensions in real dreads: http://youtu.be/nTCxyiF-IMo

• Where do you get your clothes?:
~ I shop everywhere really..! From random ebay and etsy shops, to alternative webshops and stores in Amsterdam.

• Where do you get all the money to have so many clothes?:
~ I'm not rich, I just play it smart. ;3 Think about sales and free shipping, or cheap shops such as h&m or vintage. When I find a piece of clothing online which I like, I first find out if it's sold somewhere more near too (shipping costs will be less high) etc. I also make alot of stuff myself, or pimp plain clothing up to something epic.

• How did you start getting into modelling?
~ When I was 16, photographers asked me to model for them, because they simply liked my style! From then on, I kept doing more and more photoshoots.

• Do you do paid modelling?:
~ Unfortunately, no. With the crisis and stuff, artists such as photorgraphers are having a hard time here in the Netherlands, so they don't really can afford to pay their models. There aren't any alternative Model Agencies here too, which suckss :I Or Dutch alternative brands where I could model for. But maybe someday!

• What is your height/weight/measurements?
~ My height is 165 cm. I do not weight myself or measure myself.

• How do you stay so skinny?
~ Well, it's my built. But I also don't stuff my face with crap all the time. And love to walk in the forest.

• Can I send you stuff in exchange for photo's / a review video?:
~ I would love to work with you! ^ 3^

• Can I add you on your personal facebook?
~ I'm sorry, but as it's says, it's personal/private. ): Plus it's all in Dutch anyway, so sorry but no..! OTL

• May I use/share your photo’s on my website/blog/appreciation facebook etc.?
~ I don’t mind if you use my pictures, as long as you link it back to this facebook page!

• How did you make your faun legs/do you sell them/take commisions?
~ I made them myself and have a video up about them: http://youtu.be/zVQmpGKGKf4
I do not sell them or take commisions or make them for you, there's no way I have time for that..!

Other websites I'm on:
Tumblr - http://psychara.tumblr.com/
Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/Psychara0x
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/Psychara

My party pictures - http://psychara.livejournal.com/
My art - http://psychara.deviantart.com/


I can model for you!

I can provide you professional photo's with your product, an outfit shot with your product or even do a review video of your product and share and link your shop's information with the photo's and/or video. And ofcourse you may use the photo's aswell!

In exchange for my modelling job, I wish that I can atleast keep the product.

I'm located in the Netherlands.

If you wish to work with me, feel free to send me a private message! Ask for some examples of my work or check out my Modelling album and Review video section at my Youtube!

I'm on other websites too!:







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