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"Edginess with a touch of Elegance"
Status: Indie Gathering 2010 Winner! [View Updates]
Label: Poets Labyrinth/ Shinto Records
Label Type: indie
Location: Gibsonia, ---US STATES----, United States

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Tiffany Apan is an award winning singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania in the United States. Tiffany had been exposed to music since she was a child learning from her musician grandparents the guitar, violin, and accordian. She would take up classical piano at age 9. She began formal classical vocal training at age 12 and appeared in numerous musical theatre and operatic productions throughout the years. Her real turning point as a vocalist, however, was having the opportunity of portraying the role of a Free Style Jazz Singer in the world premiere of Marta Effinger’s “Whispers Want to Holler” where she was also coached by Billy Harper who had written the musical score for the production. The role gave her the opportunity to sing in a style that completely differed from the strict formality of classical music she was accustomed to. She credits this experience to opening the door for the music she is doing now. The experience gave her some whole new approaches to writing and performing music. Her is music is an eclectic blend of rock (progressive/alternative/metal), classical, folk, world, new age, gothic, ambient and touches of pop, soul, jazz and r&b.; Her 2008 debut album, Poet combines all these styles of music and has received enthusiastic responses from music fans and even garnered some critical acclaim. She has been featured on up to 9 compilation CDs to date ranging from progressive rock to goth to dance/club compilations; in 2009 she was an American Finalist in The Best New Song in the World Contest with her acapella song, “Lost Little Girl” which was released as a digital single on June 1 and will soon be a music video. In 2010, the music video for her adaptation of, "Scarborough Fair" off of POET won 1st place in the 'Other' Music Video Category at the 2010 Indie Gathering. “Poet” is available at all major digital outlets (iTunes, Napster, etc) as well as at CDBaby, Amazon, and Shinto Records. She is currently working on her follow up to Poet titled Elements. Tracks on Elements will include “Heart Song,” “City of Gold (Children of the Sun),” “Siuil A Run,” “Poseidon,” and “Walking Distance.” Like us on iLike: iLike Tiffany Apan Get updates and other perks (like Free mp3s) at my "Messages from the Labyrinth" Mailing List:
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See some more videos on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/TiffanyApan MEDIA REVIEWS: "Awesome Voice!" ~Wolf of M2Live Radio's 'Wolf and Gonzy Show' "Great Voice! Very nice to listen to"~Angel of Mirus, MirusMusic.com "...reminds me slightly of Lana Lane's output actually; but slightly darker and more mellow - and with a very different vocal style, voice and delivery."~Olav,Prog Cafe Radio's 'Heavenly Hell' show; Oslo, Norway "....haunting the Curse!"~The Nobodies Curse Radio "It's different without being pretentious. It's good, both the vocals and the accompaniment."~Oxbow Free Radio "New talent!"~Nature Enter Me! Radio "Tiffany's voice is angelic, yet powerful"~Kat of Ocean eMotion Radio "Tiffany Apan's contribution to these tunes are in the vocal department, singing in a restrained operatic fashion. She has a strong and melodic voice, adding a high level of contrast to the dark musical foundation and a nice dramatic flair. Her vocal delivery lies somewhere between Lana Lane and Sarah Brightman in style; not as cold as Lane and not as operatic as Brightman but should probably appeal to fans of both artists that are comfortable with slow-paced gothic tinged rock."~Olav/Windhawk on Progressiveears.com "Tiffany is a fan of many genres, and it really shows here. She manages to bring in different tones from many genres and mix them together into her own unique sound.Poet is a slower paced, relaxing album that weaves together a lot of interesting melodies in creative ways. The sound is very laidback and never feels like it takes the theatrical elements over the top. An excellent debut that manages to do something different from everything else out there. I am looking forward to hearing how Tiffany Apan continues to develop her sound in the future."~Jon from desolatehope.com "POET is one of the year's best albums!"~Ray Dorsey of RaysRealm "After being yelled at by countless metalheads, it was refreshing to hear her rich vocals as she soothed us to a sweet comedown. Her album, Poet, is a vocal driven disc that flutters around the "beauty and the beast" style of symphonic metal, but never becomes as bombastic as that genre can get. Magical and uplifting, this album will do nothing but enrich your spirit."~ The Ripple Effect, http://www.ripplemusic.blogspot.com "Soothing and ethereal, the vocals of Tiffany Apan are beautiful when they're rockin' or mellow"~ Metal Warlord, Wykkyd Bru Radio http://www.myspace.com/metal_warlord
Sarah Brightman, Nightwish, Tori Amos, Dead Can Dance, Loreena McKennit, Dream Theatre, Rod Serling (his writing),Tarja Turunen, Amy Lee, Android Lust, Enigma, Switchblade Symphony, The Cure, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Pat Benetar, Heart/Anne Wilson, David Bowie, Enya, Led Zepplin, Gene Loves Jezabel, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin,Judy Garland, Gwen Stefani, Linda Eder, Elaine Paige, Francis Ruffelle, Celtic Woman, Love Spirals Downward, Natalie Merchant, Sarah McLachlan, Ofra Haza, Persephone's Dream, Lacuna Coil, Mariah Carey, African Tribal, Native American Tribal, Asian dance, Lord of the Dance, Music from the Middle East, A Fine Frenzy, to only name a few; Life, Love, the universe, nature, etc.
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