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About Me

Well, In a nut-shell, I'm a genuinely happy person but it's really easy for me to show deeper emotions to close ones but not to everyone else. For this reason, most people don't get me at first... I'm like Marmite, what you see is what you get and you either love me or hate me. I tell the truth no matter how mean. I don't lie, but I occasionally withhold the truth (there IS a difference). I believe in letting people know what I really think, but sometimes, that tends to get me in trouble. As does being vegetarian, people dislike it and are vegiterrorists lol. I don't like to intentionally hurt people and I like to make people laugh and smile. I'm a hopeless romantic and I don't really have much of a life lol. I'm a bit crazy and I have my blonde moments but academically, I'm pretty clever... I have my dark days but doesn't everyone? Also, I'm not here as a fucking play toy for every other horny guy who thinks they have a chance, so if that's the head you think with, don't ever fucking try sweetpea <3 HOLY SHIT I PULLED A STUPID AND HAVEN'T TALKED ABOUT LOGAN! He is my best friend and the greatest lover anyone could ever ask for, he is my entire world and I would honestly die if I ever lost him.....so >.> nobody fuck with me or my fiancée will come kick your stupid butts cuz he loves me...mmmmkkkkaaaayyyyyy??????? Good...glad we all understand. :D
If you wanna know more about me, don't hesitate to ask! :D Also, I can see who views me and what you rate me <3 All rates will be returned*

[*Frequently Asked Questions*]

[*Why are you so damn skinny?*] I have no clue, cuz I fucking love food

[*Do you dye your own hair?*] Yes sirey I do :3

[*Are you really engaged?*] Happily so, thanks for asking :D

[*What do you do in your spare time*] I draw, art is my life, no matter how you make it.

[*Where has all the rum gone??*] I FUCKING DRANK IT BITCH

[*Whats wrong with you?!?*] Well, I kill people and eat hands, thats two things.

[*Wait.....what??*] Yeeeea, that just happened >:3

My Likes

Food, people, JUICE, Logan, cheese, cartoons, screamers, techno, dancing, ART, makeup, hair dye, youtube, sex, Hello Kitty, Narwhals, White Horse, OCTOPUSESESSSSS, Cocorosie, Chocobos, bracelets and well......a lot more my attention span wont let me attend to O.o


My Dislikes

Stuck up bitches and assholes, you don't like me and don't wanna talk, don't fucking add me and don't waste my time with your drama. Also, being hungry. And girls who hit on Logan....and meany heads -.- people who ask for your opinion then flip shit if they don't like your answer.

My Music

I love absolutely all music XD So if you got any suggestions, hit me up...also, these people are amazing and I love them so go listen to them right MEOW

My Cults

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Ship Anchor