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"sometimes the only freedom we have is dancing in your underpants"

Pablo Is My name

Hello guys!!!, Well as you can see my name is Pablo, I'm from Cancun, Mexico, Thats mean that Hablo espaƱol, i have 19 years old, I not really active in vf anymore, well, not as I want, I do my best :), but with a lot of things on my life, I just have time to get online and be active...anyway!...


I on VF since 2007, so I kinda now how the things work here ann I miss the old vf :( ..
I was a designer, I create Omega-Design in March 10 of 2010, my beautiful baby, now is death, I dont design more beautiful things as I do it before, I just dont know what happend, maybe becouse dont have the same time as before, not the same creativity, or I just dont have the talent for that enymore.
I really miss design so much :(, I hope some day I can do the same amazing things that I do before, but, I just not sure, I only design for myself and some cults, but, If you want a design from me, just send me a comment, and I will able to do it, for free.. ;)

Facts About Me

Well this is some things, that maybe I have to say about me:
  • Somethings I'm kinda weird, Thats the people say about me, about how I act, etc.
  • I'm the kind of dude, that, hear the same song, again and again, to throw up of the song.
  • I love learning new lenguages, I really want to talk all the lenguage!!!, same as the culture of the place, etc.
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, K-POP, and the asian things, :lol
  • I really love all kind of design, like, fashion design, graphic design, architecture, etc.
  • I read Vogue & ELLE magazines.


    I hear all kind of music, for example I hear from Sopor Aeternus to 2NE1, and yeah, is depending of my mood, but Here is some bands that I hear most:
    2NE1, Bigbang, Lee Hi, Sopor Aeternus, Crystal Castles, Lady Gaga, G-Dragon, Florence & the machine, Nicki Minaj, Bjork, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Lana Del Rey, etc.

    My Beautiful Cults:

  • Sex: male
    Age: 19
    Location: Cancun, Mexico
    Orientation: Asexual
    Status: VF Addict
    Rating: 9.98
    Rating points: 1677
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    Member since: November 11, 2009
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