I like to consider myself very cerebral. I point out the worst just to make you aware of it not to ruin your life. I make people see problems from all sides. I'm into the logic of Life. Fixing things is what I do best. I always seek the truth and need lots of positive affirmation. Ideas of mine often die in my head because I take no action. I Love challenge's. I care about security very much with or with out my friends. I'm Over protective. I don't like arguing, I'm honest and Direct. I don't hide from my problems and I dislike change of any kind. I love to be near natures beauty Its quite relaxing. I don't like being pushed into situation's I'm not ready for I don't like people who are overly flashy or gregarious, or if someones being too loud or obnoxious in any way.... My overpowering need is to be independent and to direct my own life according the way I believe .I feel as i have the confidence to make bold decision and carry them out even when other lives are greatly affected by what I do. I rarely look back once Ive made my decision. Whenever I commit to something I truly love, I am absolutely tenacious in my ability to endure difficulties and overcome obstacles.I am highly responsible; I hate passing problems by. I know that I posses the willpower and a strong drive to succeed.I'm always looking for innovative ways of doing things.I am practical with strong ideas about right and wrong. I'm orderly and organized, decisive; and methodical employing a step by step rational approach to problem solving.I am overly cautious. I must always find a way to cultivate flexibility in my persona.

NeCro- ?pref.
A combining form meaning ?the dead,? ?corpse,? ?dead tissue,? used in the formation of compound words: necrology.

SyRuM- noun.(serum)
Antitoxin agent for negating the effect of an infection or poison.substance that helps cure, alleviate, or prevent illness.