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female, 33
ozark , Missouri
United States
In a relationship
5 star resort bitch lol
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I 'm a 29 year old girl , just living life the best I can. I like things perfect & organized, but my life can get crazy & messy so I have to adjust. I'm a hard worker, I rarely miss work because I'm their BITCH ;o) No, its nothing to be proud of. I like cupcakes, fairytales, the darkness in the light, people that are sweet but have evil tendencies. I rarely have time for bullshit, but if you must...bring it; entertainment can sometimes be fun. I'm random & I'm clumsy. I hate people that judge, but its nature so I will get over it. I don't like if you agree with everything I say because I need to associate myself with people that are individuals, not a carbon copy of anything. I get cranky & I whine about certain things because I'm HUMAN...sorry to disappoint some. I'm also one that bends over backwards for people, goes out of my way to make someone happy that I love or even care about. I'm perfectly imperfect...and if you don't like it; don't talk to me :) HAVE A NICE DAY!