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Sex: male
Age: 57
Spiritual Babylon, ..., Evil, ...,
Sodom And Gomorrah, ..., America, ...,*G,
United States
Account Status: Free Account
Member Since: July 21, 2017
Logged In: Invisible
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Occupation: @rent *@££* V@mpire$ Independ@ntly ₩e@lthy £ike @Meh.!¿?
Will ONLY Let This Cool Cat Drive Meh Ta Rehab straightedge1989
Loves & Totally Admirez His Coolness jet
Iz Ticketing ALL 0f The Police With me_random_amanda
Iz Swapping Masks And Gonna Have Kinky Sex With LycanNinety
Iz Dancing In The Twilight With DancingInTheTwilight
Down for anything with AshleyBad
Plottin N Schemin With Fury
Will be hired to cater @ all of meh live shows!!! tackytacos
Asking Her To Help Get The Crowd Fired Up At Live Shows Hell_Flavored
Never Sure Which One I'm Talking To With 6multypersons
Is Always "Locked N Loaded" With UNDEADSOLDIER666
Hides All The Souls Collected In Jars With Manic_Psycho
Excitedly Wantz Ta Play Musick With GaalaUrh
O, Kinky, ...Rushing To Her House With An Enema Kit Coz Shes Constipated, ... ummyo
If Ya Must MURDER Meh, Do It While Im On A Business Trip, INS Pays Triple Then For Meh Daughterz, Anyaaa
Rushing Too Her Place For . . . cake-and-sodomy
Just Wants To Hide Quietly In A Corner With Revillin
Masked, Collared n Dangerously SuperCool, ... Nereidh
Definitely A FireBall , ... VampireLily
Announcing Our Imaginary VF Baby Kiss Named: Marty Igor Hump McFly Feldman Tha III ,.., AnyaNia
He Offered! Zoe, lolol, Eye *Asspire Tou Bite His Shiny Metal Ass! ,.., Stitch-
Spanking Her Kitty Just 2 Make Zanny Cringe Again,, ... Banshee
Kiss 4everz Gonna Beh Embarrassed Eye Spell A Vord Wrongz Tou ,.., Leealoo
Eye Hath An Intellectual An Spiritual VF Monster-Crush On You ,.., xX_Mingzi_Xx
Is Going Tou Marry, Have The Babies Of, And Knock-Up ,.., xX_Mingzi_Xx
Ewe ,.., Your Gorgeous!!! xfallenxlostx
Chasing Und Exposing Tha Lie Und Lies Vith ,.., butterflys_spider
Dig That She Encourages Meh Tou Write A Book ,.., Leealoo
Kiss Doingz Tha Kinky Alien Anal Probe Vith ,.., Stitch-
LOL ,.., Dunt Vorry ,.., Eyem Stillz Gonna Bite Ewer Shiney Metal Ass ,.., :p ,.., Stitch-
Sippin ,.., Blazed n Rollin Vith ,.., T_Skillz
Is ,.., "'He Who Wounds ,.., The beast"" ,.., Chillaz ,.., Mr_Mercyless61
Ohh Myy Gwoth !!! The_Necromantic

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Latest Journal Entry: Justification 4 "The Dead Guy."
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