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"Land Between Two Waters",
British Columbia,
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Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Geomancer, Lawn Groomer, Artist
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Admires xOeX
Stalking xOeX
In love with xOeX
Sexy Nerd Crush xOeX
Hide in a blanket fort all day with xOeX
Wants to play MtG with Mischievous
Wants to watch Cephalopods and Cnidarians with Firefly
Sends Baked Goods to MoldyUnicornFart
Rustling the bushes with Pazuzu
Making you jealous of our bromance with HEEL-Stu
Nose boop abuses MoldyUnicornFart
Believes that @xOeX is better than bacon xOeX
Has morning tickle wars with xOeX
Ahegao Amigos Gang with Seiji
Ahegao Amigos Gang with GrungyGoblin
Tells next level dad jokes to Seiji
Sister: magickmama
Pet Xenomorph to hyperblast
Seiji’s Tall Vanilla Bean Seiji
Spends an inordinate amount of time stalking MorbidXeno
plans gay orgies in Germany with Wiktoria_von_Frege
Serves horse cock sized zucchini’s and bacon wrapped peen to Wiktoria_von_Frege
Has the wildest snake for Wiktoria_von_Frege
Constantly arguing with MorbidXeno
Often refers to himself as “Our intrepid hero” MorbidXeno
Understands my Misfits references CuntMuffin
My industrial daughter. Vile

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