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Label: Metropolis & Infacted
Label Type: indie
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
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Please see the FAQ blog post before mailing questions to the band as it may already be answered there.

Modulate is Manchester based DJ Geoff Lee. The sound of jacked up dirty beats at an old skool rave in a run down warehouse club with the best bass rig you've ever heard...arms reaching for the lasers while The Chemical Brothers, Boys Noize, Daft Punk and The Prodigy have a knife fight over who is coolest. After learning his trade as a DJ in the ‘Madchester’ indie and dance scene he has spun at over 1200 events across the globe from New York to Vienna.

The band have supported Alec Empire (UK leg Past, Present, Future tour), VNV Nation (Judgement Tour Europe) and Combichrist (What the Fuck is Wrong with You? Tour North America) as well as festival appearances and headline tours around the world, sharing the stage with bands such as Front 242, Frontline Assembly, Covenant, Die Krupps, Suicide Commando, And One etc.

Their debut Skullfuck EP went crashing straight into the German DAC alternative charts and was described as "the scene's club hit of the year" in ReGen magazine (USA). Their debut full length release, Detonation, was released in late 2008, receiving rave reviews in the media and finding it's way into DJ boxes across the globe. The album spent nearly 2 months in both the Top 10 of the German Alternative Chart (DAC) and the Dutch Underground Chart (DUC) and was voted by DJ's into the DAC Top 50 albums of 2008.

After scoring dancefloor success with his own material, Modulate has become one of the hottest remixers in the alternative electro scene, producing mixes for bands such as Die Krupps, Suicide Commando, Grendel, Aesthetic Perfection, Faderhead, Reaper, Soman and Nachtmahr.

Modulate returned with the Robots EP in July 2012 featuring 5 original tracks, including a collaboration with Shaun-F (Combichrist/Glis) and 5 remixes by A.D.A.M. Lab4, Straftanz, Soman, Aesthetic Perfection and Chipset.

The EP was greeted with rave reviews in the media, topping sales charts in the US and Europe, including 2 months in the Top 10 of the German Alternative Chart, peaking at number 3. The band hit the road again in October 2012 with a 7 date headline tour in the UK before Europe and North America in 2013.

Press quotes:

Robots EP: “the new material completely surpass all of the previous work of this band in both the songwriting and production fronts. The original tracks on this EP are crystal clear and razor sharp which makes for an enjoyable and engaging listening experience from the very first bassline onwards. The wait has been worth it” - Brutal Resonance Magazine 10/10

“Modulate is back with a new, catchy as hell EP. This is a band that describes their genre as “Electronic dancefloor mayhem” and they certainly deliver. The title track is super catchy and ultra danceable, which definitely attests to their tech house roots. Modulate will get suck you in and spit you out all over the dancefloor. You cannot resist.” - Necromag

“This new direction is refreshing , welcomed and should expand some listeners horizons who may have the horse blinders on as to how things should or should not sound . A simply amazing release making the listener want more from this act.” Side-Line Magazine 9/10

“Robots delivers 10 tracks of nigh perfect Four to the Floor club fodder”, “From a technical perspective this EP is a must own for DJ's. It is the perfect album to use when you want to switch up moods and tempos without losing any of the energy you've been build

ing on the dancefloor” - Grave Concerns "Modulate effectively delivered one of the year’s most invigorating albums" - ReGen Magazine (USA) 4.5/5

Detonation LP:

"This is by definition the lead to follow for any up-and-coming or aspiring electronic acts", "This is a must have in any DJ's set. You have been warned. Now go get it" – ReGen Magazine (USA)

"...you’re bound to hear half of this album for years to come!", "fans of this style should expect to put “Detonation” on repeat for hours on end" – Side-Line Magazine (Belgium)

"This is a proud body of work that challenges the electronic music blueprint and a strong signal of intent", "...a fine debut" – Sphere Magazine (UK)

"A storming dancefloor album, that has no real pretenses at being anything else. It may not change the world, but it's a whole lot of fun. The bomb has now been dropped, all we can do now is sit back and watch it explode." - amodelofcontrol.com (UK)

Skullfuck EP: "'Skullfuck' and accompanying tracks have all that is needed to become club hits", "this release and the title track are sure to make some waves in the near future." - Connexion Bizarre

"One of the hardest-hitting, joyously vicious tracks in recent memory", "a CD that'll show up on every EBM play-list by this summer, if not before" - ReGen magazine (USA)

"A slick combination of rhythmic noise and brutal techno", "This is definitely a newcomer to watch!" - Side-Line magazine (Belgium)

"Dancefloor crackers destined for any industrial clubnight." - Gothtronic (Germany)

"The brightest new hope of industrial/TBM" – Underworld (Greece)

Live shows: "They are consistently blowing every other act they play alongside offstage (even when the other acts are very good indeed, as happened here) and bigger headline shows are surely only a matter of time. " -www.amodelofcontrol.com(UK)

“The great thing about this three-piece is that although they make dance music that’s built for success in clubs, their live energy is infectious and as such it’s something that could at the very least hold its own as part of a rock show, because the tone is aggressive and the mood just...rocks “. “Modulateare one of the very best live acts on the UK Industrial scene, if not thebest. We challenge you to prove us wrong. They very nearly steal the show in their hometown” - Sphere Magazine review of the Alec Empire tour.

Original releases:
Modulate - Skullfuck EP (Infacted/Sistinas) – March 2007
Modulate- Skullfuck EP Ltd Edition (Sistinas) – March 2007
Modulate – Detonation LP (Infacted/Metropolis/Gravitator) – Sept 2008
Modulate – Robots EP (Infacted/Metropolis) – July 2012

Das Bunker: Fear Of A Distorted Planet (2xCD, Comp) Skullfuck (Beta Mix) Das Bunker 2006
Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act II] (4xCD, Comp, Ltd, Car + Box, Ltd) Das Bunker Alfa Matrix 2006
New [Input] Noise (CD) Biomorph Hellektroempire 2006 Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act III] (4xCD, Comp, Car + Box) Skullfuck Alfa Matrix 2007
Infactious Vol. Three (CD, Mixed, Ltd, Sli) Skullfuck (Combichrist... Infacted Recordings 2007
Materia Fria (CD, Comp) Haunted Faktory Sistinas, Crunch Pod 2007
Nacht Der Maschinen Volume One (CD, Ltd) Kommune 1 Infacted Recordings 2007
Orkus Compilation 28 (CD, Smplr) Skullfuck (ESA Mix) Orkus 2007
Zillo Club Hits Vol. 12 (2xCD, Dig) Kommune 1 Zillo 2007
Extreme Lustlieder 2 (CD, Comp) Hard And Dirty UpScene, Indigo (2) 2008
Extreme Störfrequenz 2 (CD, Comp) Bass Alert UpScene, Indigo (2) 2008
Infacted 4 (2xCD, Comp) Bass Alert Infacted Recordings 2008 Nacht Der Maschinen VolumeTwo (CD, Comp, Ltd) Skullfuck (Combichrist... Infacted Recordings 2008
Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act - IV] (4xCD, Comp + Box, Ltd) Hard And Dirty (SAM Mix) Alfa Matrix 2009

Modulate remixes of other artists: Neikka RPM - Sacrifice feat Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip) (2006)
Reaper - Execution of your mind (2007)
Schallfaktor - End of Love (2007)
Faderhead - Dirty Grrrls, Dirty Bois (2007)
Soman - Divine (2007)
XP8 – Download Me (2007)
Die Krupps – Du Lebst Nur Einmal (2008)
SAM – Hardbeat Trauma (2008)
Caustic – The Bible, The Bottle, The Bomb (2009)
Grendel – Chemicals and Circuitry (2009)
Nachtmahr – Tanzdiktator (2010)
Suicide Commando – Die Motherfucker Die (2010)
Aesthetic Perfection – Devil in the Details (2011)
God Module – Devil’s Night (2011)
Surgyn – Hit the Nerve (2011)
Grendel – Timewave Zero (2012)

Modulate CD's and MP3's are available from:


Music Non Stop (UK)
Resurrection Records (UK)
Juno Records (UK)
Out of Line (Germany)

Indietective (Germany)
Nuclear Blast (Germany)
Infrarot (Germany)
DIskpol (Spain)
Storming The Base (Canada)
HMV (Canada)
COP International (USA)
Target (USA)
Amazon (Worldwide)
Tower Records (USA)
Criminal Records (USA)
Disc Express (USA)
Alibris (USA)
Redrum (USA)
Music Fayre (USA)
GUP (Australia)

Plus other good retailers and MP3 sellers worldwide.

Don't forget to check out www.modulateonline.com for more info.

Don't forget to check out www.modulateonline.com for more info.

Soman, Motor, Northborne, Combichrist, Feindflug, Cubanate, KiEw, Grendel, Moonitor, XPQ-21, Monolith, Suicide Commando, Terrorfakt, Chemical Brothers, Kloq, Nitzer Ebb, Terence Fixmer, Modcom, Empirion, Rob Zombie, Oakenfold/Osborne, lots of things. I think it's hard to pin one genre on us, there are bits of industrial in there, bits of techno, trance, EBM, noise, hard dance, whatever. Most of the tracks are aimed at the dancefloor but we occasionally go into more experimental territory.

1984, 7x7, abandoned places, abstraction, alice in wonderland, alien sex fiend, ambient, analogue synths, art, arthouse, audio, bdsm, berlin, biomechanical, boots, brothers quay, carl jung, chaos, chaos theory, chris cunningham, chunky techno, circuit bending, combichrist, creativity, cubanate, cubase, cyber, cyberculture, cybergoth, cyberpunk, dada, dark ambient, dark films, darren aronofsky, das boot, demask, depth, digital, digital photography, distortion, djing, dr seuss, extreme weather, feedback, feindflug, fetish, floria sigismondi, fractals, fritz lang, front 242, fx, gas masks, gasmasks, george orwell, gigs, gloves, guitars, h.r. giger, hard house, hard trance, harmonics, icon of coil, industrial, industrial music, industrial rock, infest, intelligence, irc, jan svankmajer, jeff noon, joy division, jung, j�germeister, kabarett, kiew, kraftwerk, latex, lewis carroll, lightning, machines, manchester, marilyn manson, metropolis, minimalism, ministry, monolith, mutate, netgoth, nihilism, nin, nine inch nails, noise, noize, nu-nrg, ocean, photography, pi, pinstripe, psychology, pvc, rammstein, rivetheads, rob zombie, rubber, sampling, sdl, secret places, sin city, skinny puppy, snow, soman, stompy boots, stompyness, storms, sunrise, sunset, surrealism, synths, techno, the cell, the cure, the matrix, this morn omina, thx1138, tim burton, trance, tubes, vodka, vst plugins, water, wendyhouse, whitby, whitby goth weekend, white zombie, wine, wisdom, writing music, wumpscut, xotox.

Homepage: http://www.modulateonline.com
Link 1: http://www.metropolis-records.com/
Link 2: http://www.infacted-recordings.de/
Link 3: https://www.facebook.com/Modulate

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Dec 23, 2015, 01:04am
I do apologies for spaming but, if you can please do check out my new song Bloody Circuitry and do give me some feed back good or bad. Thank you so much and as to why I ask is because I'm a big long time fan of yours as well and would love some insperation or criticism lol. Again thank you so much.