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Fuma erba ogni giorno
Status: 'Do a Barrel Roll '
Sex: male
Age: 24
Location: Unimportantburg, West Virginia, United States

Member since: November 23, 2011
Account: Free Account
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Sister:: dawningheartofdusk
Brother:: Darkness_After_Dawn
Occupation: cashier/italian gangster
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Buongiorno, I am James, i work at hardees and do some illicit activity on the side for cash, I play guitar, I'm bi-lingual (english and italian), and im going to vocational school to become a pharmacist assistant. I smoke weed everyday and if you have a problem with that then saccia cazzo culo stronzo succhiare il cazzo! I know I'm gonna catch and endless amount of shit for saying this but I fucking hate pitbulls, they are nigger dogs (I'm not being racist thats just what they are, and I'm from the cornfields of Kentucky where they arent so overtly PC, I have lot of friends that happened to be black). If you were offended by that dont talk to me, cause your probly a fucking fast food manager who belives in that white privlage bullshit (racism against whites taught at evil corporations like mcdonalds) and I refuse to to deal with that faggotry (for fuck sakes my sister is bi, your just mad cause I've actualy got the balls to use these words). As you probly guessed, yes, I am a republican and I'm very angry that my tax dollars are going to take care of fucking losers who wont get up off there ass and work! I used to have a real bad drinking problem but after a dui and waking up from a certain one night stand (Nikki, ewwww! Shes so fucking nasty that I dubed her utterbutter) and dealing with this crazy bitch stalking me for a year I decided to quit drinking, although once in blue moon I'll drink a 12 pack of corona or a bottle of wine, alcohol becomes a destructive force when you drink it all the time (expecialy liqour). I'm a little bit of a gamer (old school) I'm fucking pro at classic sonic games, not the new ones fuck that faggotry, and I own all nintendo home consoles except the wiiU, a gba, a 3ds, a sega genesis, a saturn, a dreamcast, and a ps1 and 2. I read books alot, mostly biographys, stuff about the Roman empire, stuff about Nazi Germany, medical books, stuff about art and theater, and the occational horror story, but I'm mainly drawn to more controversial books like the anarchist cookbook, mein kampf, codex gigias, the satanic bible, and anything writen by Alester Crowley. I like to skateboard even though its injured me alot, but I dont do tricks and shit like I used to cause noone wants to walk home with there balls bleeding lol. well thats realy all the ramblings about myself i have the time to post here, if you would like to know more just ask. Vieni anche tu alla festa?
the food industry (expecialy mcdonalds, I hope that clown gets beaten and raped), jews (I know I said I wasnt a racist but I'll make an exception for those zionist Christ killers, hail Hitler), religion (cause that shit is just malware for the mind, who cares if faggots marrie, its not affecting you, and when you die all that happens is you rot in your grave while I piss on it, stop ruining my political party!), ladri (if you steal from me I'll put a bullet in your skull), the goverment (stop taxing me you socialist niggers!), new sonic games (they suck the gay right out of Freddie Murcurys ass!), rap music (shut up nigger! I wanna hear some Warren Zevon!), old people (fuckin die already! I dont give a shit about back in your day! Your obsolete, eat your apple sause and shut the fuck up!), pop music (those bitches should be in porn, not ear raping us with that goddamn awful wailing, PLAY SOME FUCKING WARREN ZEVON!), new country (southern my ass, your no David Allen Coe, PLAY SOME FUCKING ZEVON!), these new metal bands (metal has been shit since Dimebag died, sadly its rare you hear a good metal album anymore, oh you listen to ax7? Thats fucking gay, PLAY SOME FUCKING WARREN ZEVON YOU FRUITBOWL! FUCK QUEER SEVENFOLD!), bums (no I'm not giving your loser ass a dollar, and no you can not have some of my beer, I COULD STRANGLE YOU TO DEATH RIGHT NOW AND THE COPS WOULD NOT CARE! GET OUT OF MY FUCKING BREADLINE!), taxes (I shouldnt have to pay them, all it does is souport losers who contribute nothing to this society, fuck roads and schools too, I graduated with honors and I dont have shit to show for it, neather will todays kids), people who take drugs then bitch about them (if your on meth your awake anyway, your already on the drug shouldnt you be happy? but no its never enough its always"how do I come down from this shit, now I need a zannybar, fuck, now I'm too down, I need some good blow" I got an idea why dont you shut the fuck up!)
Favorite Music
WARREN ZEVON!!!, ozzy osbourne, alice in chains, pearl jam, system of a down, nine inch nails, danzig, nirvana, guns n roses, kiss, megadeth, slayer, metallica, soundgarden, black label society, rob zombie, alice cooper, marilyn manson (before he sold out), iron maiden,analcunt, gg allin, korn, sublime, hank willams III, david allen coe, pantera, the doors, the beatles, the meatshitz, the ramones, scars on broadway, the peppermint creeps, grinded nig, type o negative, orgy, limp bizkit, rush, motley crue, ratt, mayhem, cannibal corpse, six feet under, bob dylan, gordon lightfoot, jim croce, tampax vortex, icp, steve miller band, velvet revolver, horse the band, extrematory grindfuckers, aerosmith and many, many, more
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