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female, 22
$in City (: ! , Nevada
United States
Single and looking
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Name: Michelle. Age: 17. Location: The city of Sin. Transportation: Space ship.Don't lie to me. Now less boring: I honestly have no flippin idea what I should say about myself cause we'll be here all day XD I am learning about myself every day. What I do know is I would like to be in the Army, be a Vet; or wright songs for a living. I am the most random girl ever! :D I hope you could learn more about me, cause you can by shootin'in a message so you could be a cool kid XD Have a nice day my loves :] Peacee. Number: 1.702.610.3051 Create a playlist at MixPod.com
Cussing some parts of Offenbach's "La Belle Helen" the Snack Fairy some home decorating and improvement shows "just because" moments a cold bottle of pop on a hot day a comfortable place to sleep a deep laugh a good cuppa a good hug a hot cup of tea on a cold day a really good hamburger a seriously good mindfuck a well cooked steak Advil Alfredo sauce alphabets an appreciation for slacking off Anarchartists ancient ruins anticipation of something good, exciting, or pleasant approval and recognition attention baby carrots
PE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION HERE Lying Cheating Bullies Stealing Hypocrites Rude People Disrespectful Judging others People who think they are better than every one else=egotistical Mean & Cruel People who think they can do whatever they want People who hurt animals Crude and Vulgar People who are not responsible pet owners People that HAATE gays Hot weather – anything over 80 degrees is too hot Being sick Spiders & Annoying ass holes
Favorite Music
Dont not get me started lol: Asking Alexandra Aerobat Americana Avant-Garde Bachata Ballet Beatbox Bebop Bhangra Big Band Bolero Boogie-Woogie Bossa Nova Breakbeat Cabaret Celtic Chamber Music Chanson Children's Music Choral Christian Classical Coladeira & NeverShoutNever<3 Errthang but country c:






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