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Sex: male
Age: 20
Location: Ego-Syntonic, Florida, United States
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no thought to kill end my life but i'm already nill life is death and death is life this dream ends, quite and quiet like the little dream you envisioned as a kid that faded like everything else did til you were bought and sold like currency and taught to know a soulless soul personally im not a prince but the insistence of mercy kill myself now but a million dopplegangers did this for me so that in this world order is forming so i free myself into a projection of hell projectile is felt and disintegrating veil of shells i insinuate where consciousness is well and obliviate the days that i fell i can't walk upright through the waves i propel not a cry for help a protection of self

diamonds in the sea protect me from the ingestion of the poison i speak let me crawl at the left hand of lesser man in a murderous cheek until superfluous is free and nature is nurturing the hurt of the weak and the self who you seek ill stand tall in the mellowness and the emptiness of the hallows you keep im ending all, in the abundance of the sleep of eternal favors that life did me so rejecting is wrong, but pretending is dumb, ive killed god and i'm shorter a thumb or maybe a head, but through the pain im too numb, or maybe im dead so let the next dream play a funeral drum, ive always felt that a crawler is a feeler of some thing thats too hard to contemplate when nothingness is nothing to complicate and a crumb of a morsel is more so the realest thing imaginable its unfathomable but we're all dead inside the system of surpassive flow in the expansive know i can't ungo or retrace and unslow so meditate on your dead self were all in a hell that's heaven to the next self
I love everything.
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