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Label Type: indie
Location: Wildwood, Florida, United States
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Mike Hoffman (vocals/synth) Matt Clennan (2005-2011-synth/programming) Level 2.0 (pronounced: Level two-point-zero) is an EBM/Industrial band based out of Long Island, New York. Mike Hoffman (Vocals/Lyrics) & Matt Clennan (Synth/Programming) formed the band in 2005. They merge depth, emotion, grit and club-ready beats into their aggressive dance floor style of industrial music. The full-length album, ‘ARMAGEDDON’, was the first release on Nilaihah Records from this riveting up-and-coming band! The album was mastered by Ted Phelps of Imperative Reaction. The album was by far the strongest until their May 2011 release ‘Battle Sight Zer0!’

In August 2005, this duo exploded onto the electronic scene with their first (and self-released) album entitled 'Dreams of Youth.' Their 'Betrayal' EP followed in Autumn 2005 and was released by Nemesys Music. Later that year, they toured the northeastern United States where their aggressive dance floor style created a new emphasis within EBM music.

In 2007, Alex Matheu (Negative Format/Parallel Project/Sector 9 Studios) helped produce and master Level 2.0's 'Intercept' release. His influence has proven to be instrumental in helping Level 2.0 find their focus and in building their recognition on dance floors across Europe and the United States. By creating a much larger and more diverse fan base, 'Intercept' pushed LEVEL 2.0 further into the evolution of EBM & Industrial music today.

'Armageddon,' in December 2009 brought a solid mix of grit, depth and hooks merged with powerful electro beats, that have made this album a club staple. These guys are full of energy and ready to conquer!

With each release, LEVEL 2.0 has remained true to their identity, and their new release on Nilaihah Records has not altered this notion. With that, Level 2.0 has not conformed to any single genre, and do not follow any unwritten laws. This duo expresses and writes what they feel, and that is what defines LEVEL 2.0.

The latest album ‘Battle Sight Zer0’ is 13 tracks of consistency and passion that cannot be questioned. Unorthodox dark music of the highest caliber and possibly the first album in the scene to be recorded and created by a serving soldier (Matt Clennan) while at War in Iraq.

Now in 2012, The Gui-BM originals return to the studio with additional final production by Alex Matheu of Negative Format, To work on "DEVASTATE". Release Date: Late Summer 2012

Latest Album

Album Title: Battle Sight Zer0 | May 2011 | Nilaihah Records

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Previous Albums

Track list:

1. rising
2. invincible
3. vexXy
4. stolen kiss
5. Armageddon
6. silence
7. rivet
8. false promise
9. surreal
10. closer
11. not forgotten
12. darkness
13. denial
Listen and buy Armageddon from iTunes

Album Title: INTERCEPT
Release Date: October 20, 2007
Copyright 2007 Level 2.0/Nemesys Music Track list:

1. A New Beginning
2. Angelfire
4. Far Away
5. The Unexpected
6. Ignite
7. Tell Me Its Over
8. Twentythird Hour
9. Secrets That Kill
10. INTERCEPT ( Blank remix)
11. Angelfire ( Negative Format remix)
12. INTERCEPT ( Cryogen Second remix)
13. They'll Never Know
Listen and buy Intercept from iTunes

Album Title: Dreams of Youth
Release Date: August, 2005
Copyright 2007 Level 2.0/Nemesys Music Track list:

1. Betrayal
2. Machine
3. End Process
4. Monolith
5. Angel of Light
6. Silver Shores
7. Prophet
8. Our Last Endeavor
9. Ghost in My Heart

Album Title: Betrayel E.P.
Release Date: October, 2005
Copyright 2007 Level 2.0/Nemesys Music Track list:

1. Betrayal (God Module Remix)
2. Betrayal (Silent Auction Remake)
3. Betrayal (Divider Remix)
4. Monolith (Teknik Remix)
5. Angel of Light (DJ X-Trakt Remix)


Homepage: http://www.level2pointzero.com
Link 1: http://www.level2pointzero.bandcamp.com
Link 2: www.facebook.com/level2pointzero
Link 3: http://www.myspace.com/level2pointzero

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