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Last House On The Left

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Label: Siege of Amida/Ferret Records
Label Type: indie
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
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This is the Vampire Freaks profle for Last House On the Left, A local Band in Albuquerque New Mexico
THE STORY: We are from the desert and we are coming for your souls .Last House on the Left is comprised of some sick fucking dudes from around the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. They have been together for quite some time, but only since new drummer Daniel McBride and new rhythm guitarist Jeremy Mader joined the band have they been playing shows around Albuquerque. After the Depart of Jermey in March 2006. Last house on the left looked for there new guitarist, in may of 2006 Last house on the left Choose Chris Smith as there new Rythm Guitarist. In the next 4-5 months Last House on the left worked on there CD called "The Road Leads to nowhere" .Late November of 2006 The album released and last house on the left opened eyes to all there fans along with the Record Company S.O.A.R.. after two months of negotiations. Last House on the left Signed to siege of amida records. Currently Last house on the left continued to work on there album as disaster hit in july of 2007. Last house on the left broke up. Struggles through the band ripped it apart. after working things out a few weeks later last house on the left decided to seperate their differences and get the band back Together. Unfortunately the band had to announce the loss of our Newer guitarist Chris Smith, due to financial struggles chris had to leave the band. Chris Brought last house on the left so much to give and we will miss him. Chris sacraficed so much time and money for the band and becmae best friends with Last house on the left. As far as The band working on there album, they will continue but the band will hault for awhile as they try to find a new guitarist.and look out for there album "Satus Maculo". Which will be delayed

"...Epic, sinister and uncompromisingly heavy, New Mexico's Last House On The Left have built a die-hard following thanks to their incendiary live shows. Cruising effortlessly between pulverizing grooves, blackened atmospherics and straight up head banging Death, with a suitably gruesome lyrical arsenal to match, expect this band to explode in all their horrific glory...." -Jamie Graham, Siege of Amida Records.
Band Line Up is :
Tyler Semyaza: Vocals
Jon Singleton: Lead Guitar
Pat Richey: Bass
Daniel McBride: Drums
N/A: Rhythm Guitar

For booking and Contact: Tsemyaza666@comcast.net
For All Questions Regarding Merch: mcbrideproductions@comcast.net

Past Members
Rythm Guitar:Jeremy Mader

Rythm Guitar: Chris Smith

Pat- http://www.myspace.com/patontheleft
Tyler- N/A
Chris- http://www.myspace.com/smellyeggs
Daniel- http://www.myspace.com/dmcb
Jon- http://www.myspace.com/jonman666
Last House on the left


Thank you for supporting us and we would like to thank bands we have shared the stage with ,here are some:
All Shall Perish
A Love Ends Suicide
Arsonists Get All The Girls
As Blood Runs Black****
August Burns Red
Beneath the Massacre
Code of the Zodiac,
Dead Man In Reno
Dead to Fall
Embrace the End
Every man for himself
Invocation of Nehek
Ion Dissonance
Knights of the Abyss**
Light This City
My Bitter End**
Rose Funeral
Scars of Tomorrow
Shadows Fall
Still Remains
Suicide Silence
The Faceless
The Funeral Pyre
The Gasoline Holocaust
The Irish Front**
Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Vale Of Miscreation
Vital Remains
Winds of Plague**
With Passion
and many, many, many more
Upcoming SHows September 29th

July-2007-We appologize for leaving everyone so in the dark regarding the recent situation of our split-up. There have been lots of rumors going around that we find hilarious. We hope you understand that sometimes people have problems and sometimes they can escalate to the point where it becomes hard for people to function together.

We regretably announce the departure of our newer guitarist Chris Smith. Chris brought Last House soooo far in the 1 year + that he has been in the band. He has made many sacrifices, invested soooo much time and money into the band and has become one of best friends. We could go on and on about how much the guy has helped us... Anyway, as a band, we have made the decision to play our remaining scheduled shows

AUGUST 3rd - Day 1 of the GATHERING OF THE SICK the Compound w/Code of the Zodiac, Vale of Miscreation, Putrid Pile, Gortuary, Abysmal Dawn and many more. AUGUST 7th the Compound w/Torture Victim, Antagony, Dark Faith, Vivisect, Paths of Possession and, get your diapers ready......... AUGUST 19th THE SUNSHINE THEATRE w/KATAKLYSM, GOD FORBID & DEVIL DRIVER NOVEMBER 9th THE LAUNCHPAD w/SUFFOCATION, IMMOLATION, SKINLESS

After these shows we will be on a definite hiatus until we get our guitarist situation figured out. We will have an update on the new album very soon!!! :) Your support has meant SOOOOOO much to all of us, we can't even describe the feeling. Keep an eye out for developments and if you can, make these shows fucking AMAZING! Keep up the support and continue to blow us away with your awesomeness :) stay strong Last House

July-2007-,well there is a lot going on in the last house. First thing is first; we regretfully announce the delay of our new record "SATUS MACULO" slated for a December release. We had to push recording the record until around October. This means that we will not be touring as soon as we thought, but keep an eye out, we might be doing a small US tour before we hit the studio, no promises. "SATUS MACULO" will be a concept album written as a thirteen-chapter poem. Based in th e seventeenth century, a story of an artist his creation, heaven and hell-life and death. It's going to be more dark and black than anything out there. We have stirred up the epic din!
We are EXTRMELY glad to announce that we have been working with an amazing artist friend of ours Jason W. We will have a few new shirt designs, our first hoodie design, as well as a whole new booklet design for "THE ROAD LEADS TO NOWHERE" Re-Release that will be out before the end of summer LIMITED to 1000!. I also handed over a few concept sketches and info for the cover of "SATUS MACULO" I cannot prepare you for what awaits! Within the coming weeks we will start selling full size LAST HOUSE POSTERS…that's right posters. Make sure to get one while you can because these are sure to go fast and are very limited.
There have been many questions about merch lately; unfortunately we are still awaiting our shipment of shirts (the pentagoat). Our fist batch we received was fucked, so we had to send em' back to be fixed and we are still waiting. They will arrive within the coming weeks and be shipped out ASAP with some free stickers.
Last but not least, we have just finished up all the post-production of our fist Live video for IN MY SKIN at manandwolf productions this week. He spared no expense and definitely is going to be something to turn some heads and break some jaws. It should be up within the week as well as our OFFICIAL WEBSITE!
Thanks for the all the support we really appreciate it, we love all you girls and ghouls!
Tyler and Jason with The Tree Of Souls
Tyler and Jason with the TREE OF SOULS
Tyler with new shirt design
Tyler and new shirt art!
Closeup of Tree Of Souls
Tree Of Souls
June-2007- We just put those new songs up so go jam them out! If anybodys intrested, they should make a last house on the left cult. we had attempted this back when we first started our vf profile but it failed and no one was active on it! so if your intrested tell us well start it and make you cult owner.
June-2007-Well we Just moved up to Premium Membership which means more songs are going to be posted up in the near future, if your on our fans list you will be getting updates from time to time about whats going on so stay in tune for some major updates!
March-2007-As you know Last House on the left Has been Signed By S.O.A.R. We are currently Working on our new album Satus Maculo. but as some updates we do have new shirts (check the Shirt Sect.) and of course they were done by the amazing Jeff of Beforehisfall.
OCTOBER-2006-Okay so i havnt been on much but there is a ton of news, On November 4th, we will be having our New CD , THE ROAD LEADS TO NOWHERE, released at our Cd release party. So if your in the 505, be sure to get your ass down there and have fun, buy a cd and chill with LHOTL!-check the flyers section for the location and shit and check our pictures out for new pics plus! our new CD COVER! and LOOK OUT ARIZONA WE ARE HITTING YOU UP! so look forward to us at Tuscon and Phoneix arizon in november!
August-2006- New Shirt Designs and logos
"THE ROAD LEADS TO NOWHERE" NEARING COMPLETION: We are in a very good spot right now. Things are coming along amazingly at Sight Sixteen Studios... Vocals are about half way done, and bass tracks will be put down tomorrow. Then we just need to figure out where we're gonna stick some bass drops :) We want to take down the songs on our profile SOOOOO BAD, but we will not be posting the new tracks until they are at least 95% finished. WE'VE GOT SOME FUCKING HUUUGE SHOWS COMING UP: Check it: FRI. JUNE 9th THE COMPOUND w/MINUSSEVEN and A DAY TO FALL *possibly one more band* TUE. JUNE 13th THE LAUNCHPAD w/VITAL REMAINS, INCANTATION, SIN OF ANGELS, DAWN OF AZAZEL MON. JUNE 19th THE CELL THEATER w/AUGUST BURNS RED, LAST FIFTEEN, HER BLACK WINGS and HATEENGINE TUE. JUNE 20th THE COMPOUND (DANIEL's 21ST BIRTHDAY BASH SHOW) w/KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS, AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK, CODE OF THE ZODIAC and DEMENTIA FRI. JULY 7th THE COMPOUND w/THE TONY DANZA TAPDANCE EXTRAVAGANZA, MY BITTER END and CODE OF THE ZODIAC SAT. JULY 15th THE COMPOUND w/SUICIDE SILENCE, ALL SHALL PERISH, LIGHT THIS CITY and NIGHTS LIKE THESE SAT. AUGUST 12th THE COMPOUND w/WINDS OF PLAGUE, A LOVE ENDS SUICIDE and TORN BETWEEN WORLDS SHIRTS WILL BE DONE SOON: Code of the Zodiac and us placed our shirt order a few days ago. We should have our shirts for sale by the June 19th show. We might be selling them online, depending on how quickly they sell at shows. If anything, our next batch will be available online.
Well that's it for now... If you're in Los Angeles, hit up our singer Tyler at myspace.com/tylerontheleft. He's gonna have a lot of free time out there for the next few days so holla at him if you wanna smoke him out or something. :) Last House
May-New Logo and Shirts by Aaron Crawford, The shirts will be avalible in June also when the new CD""THE ROAD LEADS TO NOWHERE"" (out this summer) Shirts avalible this summer
April-2006-Jermey leaves the band, Due to Work isssues Jermey decided to leave the band, his last show will be Wenesday April 26th 2006. Thanks for all the good times Jermey. We have already found A replacement. Chris Smith
Shirt Section- This is the section for shirts that we have had, have now and shirts we are getting ready to print(not all are avalible for purchase at this time. but you can see what is at our myspace page) LHOTL LHOTL LHOTL LHOTL LHOTL LHOTL LHOTL LHOTL LHOTL

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UK/EUROPE- Siege Of Amida Records

Distributed in the US/CANADA By Ferret Records

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And Caroline Distribution

Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/lasthouse
Link 1: http://www.myspace.com/siegeofamidarecords

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