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Luna 13

"WitchStep music for your Skull!" [View Updates]
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Label: Morbit Records
Label Type: indie
Location: Hollywood, California, United States
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Member since: June 03, 2012
Last logged in: May 12, 2013, 11:13pm
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Everything Luna 13 has created since its inception a short time ago has been an evolution. Jade Sol Luna, the architect of Luna 13, succeeded by remaking the electronica underground in his own image and forging a new style of music that he calls Witchstep. Jade Luna morphed Luna 13 from Dark Ambient in 2007 (Jade Sol Luna) to a musical juggernaut. Powerful beats, dark invocations and heavy, I mean heavy drones. Jade Luna says "I have a powerful yet dark path with the Mother Goddess in India and I have come to a point of realization that talking about my experiences can not express what I am going through, but the music I create does!" A powerful statement from someone who released 3 books on Tara Press regarding mysticism and who has been to India over 30 times. Signing to a small German label Legatus Records in 2007, Jade Sol Luna released albums showcasing an ever-evolving style. Revenge of the Burning Witch and Hekate Nyctipolus both ended up as best sellers on Amazon and Revenge opened at number 1 in Greece. Luna 13 signed to Morbit Records in March of 2013. Jade Luna created Luna 13 and forever changed electronica music with its heavily aggressive and dark content. "What makes Luna 13 so brilliant is his use of dirty drones. He can create some pop/dubstep yet he always has this heavy drone lurking in the back that warns you that what you are listening to is not safe" says Ritual Promotions, Devona Strassburg Coming up strong in 2013, Luna 13 says its next release will spread through the world of electronica like a wild fire! "I always try to outdo myself, I have been frustrated that I have not been able to create a better theme then Revenge of the Burning Witch but I believe that I just did." Over the next several years, Luna 13 will hit the underground electronica scene and slowly work its way into several genres of music.
“Mix powerful dubstep beats, with horror movie jingles and top it with some pretty interesting chants and you come up with the Artist LUNA 13” ~Dis MAG
NIN, Rob Zombie, Lustmord
Homepage: www.luna13music.com
Link 1: http://www.amazon.com/Revenge-Burning-Witch
Link 2: http://http://www.facebook.com/jade.s.luna
Link 3: http://www.last.fm/music/Jade+Sol+Luna

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