Ink Dot Boy Bio: The Red Symphony Years
This, is the story of Ink Dot Boy. My dreams are awakened; a dark angels toy. My walls are the sins, of the demons won't scream, In this opera for no one, not even a dream, The nightmares see color, on the figure outside, He has stared in the windows, and promised me lies, Now the shadows look blackened, the stars are like blood, For the eyes have been looming, to the empires above. With nothing to hide from, alone with this hate, The seats filled with echoes, and eager debate, When along came the noises, they crept and they crawled, They turned back the shutters, they lived in the walls, The dark days are coming, I know what they hold, The voices of scorning, the demons of old, For this is my story, and readers beware, You may not be well here, in fact you'd be scared, You think may know me, or maybe you don't, But the choice is within you, my minions bring....hope.