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Hindu Pez

A schizophrenic aural nervous breakdown, personified by a Dj with a hunger for the bizarre, the disturbing, the pretty and the painful.
Status: Happy Holidays! New Hindu Pez EP abUSE 2 now up! hindupez.bandcamp.com
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Hindu Pez - abUSE 2 now available! New EP : No Use For Love Songs. June 6th, 2014. Hindu Pez LIVE 3/27/14 Photo by Charles Long [www.facebook.com/charleslongphotography] Hindu Pez LIVE 3/27/14 Photo by Charles Long [www.facebook.com/charleslongphotography] Hindu Pez LIVE 3/27/14 Photo by Charles Long [www.facebook.com/charleslongphotography] Hindu Pez LIVE 3/27/14 Photo by Charles Long [www.facebook.com/charleslongphotography] Hindu Pez LIVE 3/27/14 Photo by Joshua Fitzwater Hindu Pez LIVE 3/27/14 Photo by Joshua Fitzwater Hindu Pez LIVE 3/27/14 Photo by Billy Kurilko
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Label Type: unsigned
Location: NORFOLK, Virginia, United States
Hanging out with: 0PT-0UT
Rating: 10.00
Rating points: 150
Member since: May 02, 2007
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Latest Journal Entry: New EP abUSE 2 now available!   December 25, 2014, 03:56pm


Hindu Pez is the Norfolk, Viginia-based industrial/powernoise/digital hardcore project of Gabriel Perry (Deathhouse Blues, [0PT-0UT], We Never Sleep, Dj Who?).

Since early 2004, Hindu Pez has been releasing punishing, brutal, sometimes beautful, sometimes haunting, and sometimes infectious material.

Combining several electronic genres (sometimes within the same song), Hindu Pez brings the experience of extreme performances, bizarre makeup and blinding lights that one could only find in a sweaty, 4am basement party in questionable parts of town.

It's part Dj, part destruction, part cry-for-help, part kabuki theater, and part wanderlust wrapped in malt liquor bottles being thrown about the room, for good measure. What you hear will hurt you.

HP 2014

"Gabriel Perry has been teetering on the edge of the underground music scene for quite some time now. Perhaps best known for his aggressive mix of noise and classical music samples in Hindu Pez, he exemplifies the spirit of the independent artist, having self-released a number of albums, EPs and remix collaborations, as well as appearing on a small number of compilations, most notably MoMT Records’ Songs from the Hydrogen Bar. Having embarked on a tour in support of the abUSE EP, Perry’s shows presented a great deal of harsh electronic energy"

-Ilker Yucel / ReGen Magazine

"Perry is a millennial with a strong work ethic and a vicious sense of humor. By the time others have adopted a do-it-yourself solution, Perry has usually already done it; ‘it’ generally referring to the entirety of his PR work and stage effects. That he has steadily continued to produce music through a tumultuous period for the industry, in a transient area funded by DOD dollars, is no small victory. It is testimony to the staying power of dedication and skill. In each of his ensembles, Perry unapologetically strives to produce an authentic energy, and most of all, to engage his crowd."

-Jay Meridian / 757ezine / AltDaily

On the new EP, No Use For Love Songs : "Press play and brace for impact as HP serves rough, raw, and unapologetic brutality in a body bag. Songs on this album are terse, and present a more vengeful outlook than earlier Pez. This experiment in format change distills the rage implicit to Pez philosophy into a series of ferocious commentaries on the human condition."

-Jay Meridian / 757ezine

"Generally, a Hindu Pez gig – or experience – will activate you with a love or hate reaction once you get in the mix of things; it’s as much a performance art piece as it is a band on stage."

-Lillith Black / Mookychick.co.uk

HP 2014

Power Noise

Digital Hardcore



HP 2014

Delta 9


Atari Teenage Riot

Leaether Strip



Alec Empire

Homepage: http://hindupez.bandcamp.com
Link 1: https://www.facebook.com/Hindu666Pez
Link 2: http://www.twitter.com/hindupez
Link 3: http://hindupez.tumblr.com

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