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If scientists could bring back the woolly mammoth do you think it'd be dtf? KristoffVon666
*COPS theme plays* hacked
Fabric softener makes a great beauty product and I basically feel like a dry slug eroded by a river nihilusta
Campaigning for a greener VampireFreaks with xMiladyx
Engaged to Intrinsic
(Prelude) Hell yeah. Hey VF! This is a good relationship. (Relationship) Bringin the LBC to VF with blind_mashpotato
Growing, harvesting, drying, preserving, and collecting organic pinto beans with D_T_616
Received a mysterious letter about a will and discovered my long-lost sibling, akiba666
Ushering in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius, Aquaaaariuuus, Aquaaaariiuuuus, with RaiseTheVibez
Keanu Reeves and Trent Reznor are, mostly, the same exact person. Down to a genetic level. VenomVixxen
Redefining what it means to be lactose intolerant in America and beyond with Cannibalanimals
Simple aromatic rings, also known as simple arenes or simple aromatics, are aromatic organic compoun LadyNecromancer
you would not believe you eye if 10 million Firefly
doing maaaad goth shit b, with JamesOfTheLivingDead
Spiders have 8 legs but I really think they'd be even scarier with 12, input? ColdEmotion
maybe one day I'll write something that isn't a vf relationship LadyNecromancer
Nipple Gods with ThePalePrince
Married to Rasputin
It's complicated with Venom-Stu
Mistress to hdspivey
NEBE Apolo
Changing the course of Gothic Industrial Couture & rocking the VF fashion world with boornhauer
Married to FunnyMoney666
Married to gore-geous666
when i come aroooooooooo ooooouuuund when i come aroooooooooo ooooouuuund when i come aroooooooooo o Blackie_Bishop
The finest frijole: LadyNecromancer
Fighting VF's policy against cephalopod user profiles with Calloused
insulin is 200 times more addictive than heroin, that's why users die if they don't get it - limb
I bet, if they were as large as dogs, we'd still have no chance of domesticating spiders EmilyRoss
Dating CorpseFuck
Endeavoring, LadyNecromancer
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can i get one of theeeeeee ummmmm ummyo
It's complicated with VampireFreaks
Property of jet
Engaged to loved_and_hated
Man created dogs, and God created birds. Cosmetic
Remember those few months where you'd open a bottle of advil and it'd just be full of ants? Ayasha
Smoking maaad olive garden breadsticks with Natty.Ice
Sculpting a new, better moon for Earth, coming to skies near you June 2020, with co-producer LadyLullaby
I am truly blessed to have my honor defended by the chivalrous LadyNecromancer
A 2015 U.N. study found that France exports 140 tons of French Toast annually. How do they make it? Gabsel
Furthering the limits of human sensory perception through genetic engineering and Office Depot with tokiobabydoll
?????????????? ????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????? ????? xTakeMeAwayx
Sacked the City of Rome with the Visigoths and neonxrain
well that didnt work xTakeMeAwayx
I am the most networked man on VampireFreaks
Receives answers on important matters from the beautiful Oracle of Vampi, LadyNecromancer
Listen, Vul
Listen, NyxXV
Also crushing on Seiji
Took Broadway by storm with hacked
viking af with TormundGiantsbane
Grabbing the little pieces of soap out of jet's trash can with EmoBabyLovesYou
Started the VampireFreaks Credit Union with CadyCorruption
"They call it the Fort Knox of butter!" Dolores
The. Fort. Knox. Of. Butter. Rasputin
In a fiery, passionate, maybe Italian relationship with reixella_
Clinging to the underside of a truck to avoid detection in this action thriller starring @Happathy & pure-fucking-metal
Do you love me even though I don't know where my YuGiOh cards are? _NegativeCreep_
vegan vampires with Caleb56
Painting tunnel entrances on steep rockfaces to foolish the drivers and coyotes with SaDxB0i
Like a housecat, I spend most of my time grooming myself with my raspy tongue or sleeping PrincessZombieex
Isn't it weird how most people will go their whole lives without even once mentally bending a spoon? kree_on_toast
Started a small business renting out donkeys, no questions asked, with Aladekayode43
Voted "Best Poster on VampireFreaks" 7 years in a row by LittleCatichrist666
No. Questions. Asked. Hit us up, 1-800-BURRO-4U Aladekayode43
Do you think Obama has a VampireFreaks.com account? Sanity_Gone
The sulfur miner life is not an easy one and not a particularly rewarding one. SugarHearts
Got a nice camp going inside a Costco paper towel aisle with Elaineasusanne
Never. Underestimate. What. You. Who. So. Nor. And. But. Yet. For. How. Don't you, forget about me, lenaBeast
Rural pinto bean farming has been a rewarding experience and opened my eyes to the toil of producing QueenOfForgiveness
I'm the CTO of a small communications company based out of Badger,Ohio. We specialize in cloud-based Drea06
Actually gave birth to Luciferx
Yeah but I'm also dtf sugarhearts
As dew is to the dawn are you to my night, dispelling stagnant stillness and bringing the new light, bulletformysoldier
What do you think it sounds like inside of a goat's head? BLEAT BLEAT BLEAT BLEAT BLEAT Bitterness
Is what I do in theaters normal? I know it makes the whole place smell like peanut butter but really PrincessMace
As above, so below, everything you own, in a box to the left, as to the left, so above, so below D3VIL
All that glitters is butter LuckyRendezvous07
hi, oh no thanks. yeah can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummyo
TormundGiantsbane TormundGiantsbane
tooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmuuuuuunnnnnnddddddgiiiiiiaaaaaaannnnnnnttttttsssssssbaaaaaaannnnnnneee TormundGiantsbane
In love with Motel6
In the criminal justice system, Mischievous
sexually based offenses limb
are considered especially heinous. GETRICHORDIECRYING
the dedicated detectives Midknight
members of an elite squad known LadyNecromancer
the Special Victims Unit. Rasputin
Married to Motel6
I'm training this guy to sniff out landmines for me, fucking check it out you guys: DesertFox016
Invented the concept of peanut butter sandwiches and abolished slavery with PrettyPrincess
Daddy: plane
It's complicated with Glorb
Has cam sex with AuroraBorealis
In an open relationship with Paul.thorley
Brother: limb
Daughter: Midknight
Daughter: Enlightener
Best Friends with coned
Does drugs with i_against_i
Wrote and directed Pulp Fiction with SulisRayne
Shootin dope and bangin whoors with Exodus
someBODY ONCE TOLD ME Rebelicous3423
In a relationship with Bitterness
In a world of pirate wenches, you're a first mate. Mutiny punishable by death. i_against_i
Wrote, directed, and wrote, and directed, and wrote, then swept the leg, with YWKM
cocainecstasydopecrackandghbicespeedketaminenitrousandheroinmescalinedmtmushroomsandlsd i_against_i
How fucked up would it be if you made fire extinguishers filled with spiders and wasps and nails, BoingBubbleButtBouns
listen, soulcrush
Snakes are like small, cold, rat-eating people with no arms or legs wednesdayisdead
Like a butterfly on a pillow of cool air, DawnDynamite
Realigning our will with Gaia with AuroraBorealis
Breaking down the barrier between the mundane and the esoteric for a healthier soul with AuroraBorealis
Fine-tuning the delicate & interlocking natural mechanisms that allow us to grow and thrive with AuroraBorealis
Liberating earthworms from their dirty, dirty prison with Crusafixia
Imagine how much more dexterous our feet would be if toes had another joint like fingers do, prettykitty0722
Preparing for Y2K with Sebastian_Strigoi
TheChristianChestnut, TheHinduHickory, TheMuslimMaple, TheWiccanWillow
As Plato once said, "Bagels are just acoustic donuts," punky_pam
Eliminated inequality, famine, pestilence, and death itself with XxBroganBabycakesxX
Reinstated inequality, famine, pestilence, and death itself with DarqueDahlia
Four words: Beard. Hair. Violin. Strings. Are you down? mattdebate
You are SO lucky that I signed you to my label. I made you everything that you are today, MCTooTall
Feeling the chemistry with Hannah666Elizabeth
Making erotic paper mache statues of the Pope with lucyfox78
Networking with xXxKandixXx
North American Earthworm Census with Calloused
Welcome to the industry, ShadowNightz
Invented nuclear warfare with YWKM
Divorced from LostBoyD
Frequenting the city's more archaic and unkempt hot dog stands with KitterBreh
Crossdressing with DarkElementxx
Isn't it weird how humans are like 30% glass? maxisgod
Invented the Chinese chariot with Toxilyptic
Invented the Danish chariot with Ambergothchick
Invented the Egyptian chariot with SignOfanOpenEye
Invented the Roman chariot with Type_O_Chick
How would you feel about creating a new account called "Disco-Stu," Venom-Stu
Nirvana or Bush? Morrisb
Is it the squid or the wolf which flies, or is it the combination of the two which allows for flight FlyingSquidwolf
Wiped out those cheeky little bitch dinosaurs with Rasputin
Becoming Castratos with chriskuhr
Slamming black tar with straightedge1989
Personally I prefer Target Bondage, although the employees sometimes disagree with the lifestyle TarotBondagePA
Installed a puppet dictator in Nicaragua with CandyCrucifix
Welcoooome to the sun-drenched tropical paradise of Isle Delfino! Seiji
Entering a competitive beekeeping champsionship with my life partner MKelobULTRA
I don't have permission to view this profile: A-Goddamn-Crush-4-1
eating mad bamboo my niggas, with -Panda-Chan-
Punching Nazis and fucking dolphins with Steph333
got a notification or two from Apolo
Started the VampireFreaks Amateur Archaeology Club with spacelion
Working on a remake of Pulp Fiction with a strictly-cephalopod cast, with my co-director -Potato
I was formerly known as PunkAssBitch
Do you want my legs, Mermaid
Chewing khat with Somali pirates and Rasputin
Feeling the spirit of BOOGIE with jon
Washing hands before returning to work with Mcjessi123
Huffing air horn gas with WeepingOnDMT
Wants to make babies with Happathy
Do you know what a gondola is Cosmetic
It's basically a boat but made of pasta Cosmetic
Isn't it insane how boats made of pasta were the first ones to circumnavigate the globe Cosmetic
Translating the Bible into Orcish with indeepmisery
Wusk, prettier than a corn husk and does not smell even slightly of musk, oh yea, mine Enlightener
Having my good name and hard-earned reputation tarnished by the malicious lies of Ferrum-Aeternum
no this is totally a real job interview, Rebelicous3423
bro we're going to need to have a talk. a real sit-down, mano-a-mano, gnomesayin? come here brobrobr Venom-Stu
Manufacturing crystal methamphetamine in the educational lab of APetalintheBreeze
SHARINGAN Nightbreed13
oh no thank you. can i get uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, one of the uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummyo
Ummmmmm lemme get ummyo
lemme get uhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummyo
hey wanna check out some turtles mALdiTah
Disregarding possible risks of Avian Flu and salmonella, hit us up if you need any waterfowl, with UndeadHobbit
Burning churches so we can build bigger, better, more heavily armed churches from their ashes with ComaWhite
I will serve your regime with distinction, honor, and palpable sexual tension, LadyDictator
C-Walking with Sinn
Will you marry me Vampyr__divina
Nice weather for ducks! Motel6
Hey since you're a Captain could you perform the ceremony for me and Vampyra? CaptianKraken
Why is that your username if you live in the UK, LasVegasDreamer
Have you actually been to Las Vegas? It's fucking dreadful if you ask me, LasVegasDreamer
Flirting with limb
Hosting Transformer-themed seance parties with my medium, AsHNiCoLe1718
what's in your heeeaaad, in your heeeead, zombie zombie Zombi925
Goes to school with Apolo
Lives with TheIsh
yer cute Jinxaroo
All the people in this world, I am lucky you chose me as the sole inherent of your will and estate, Crimson_Raven25
Ultimately it all comes down to those who can tolerate drinking saltwater and those who cannot, ElviraTrepovici
less throw hands DEATHBEDAWAKEN
The Forbidden City of Wanking
I'm willing to try to make things work between us DestinyMarie
Has a strained professional relationship but a blossoming love life with SubliminalMessages
Just wait, by the end of today I'm going to make you a Scientologist, Ziminia
Remember that time I kicked your ass in Beyblade, Binxaboo
You should have the luck of the Irish, and you'd wish you was English instead CelticBeauty
What's your opinion on biodegradable trash being thrown out of a window? Litter, or compost? roxiewolfdragon
Family with loved_and_hated
Lives with JonJonS2012
Lives with Mischievous
Lives with YureiMofu
Prepares wedding cutlery with Hannah_With_Wings
Entertains the wordy musings of AllDoPenShiT
Witch doctor school? Witch doctor school! We're freshmen! This is so exciting omg whamtard-k
Pushing the boundaries of conventionally accepted treatments for pink eye with whatsbeyondthedark
I've left the drop on the front driver's side wheel of a red Honda CRV on 1st street in New York, the_disoriented_one
Refuses to be oppressed by the emotional and mental fascism of Spider6125
You can't have my legs Gothmermaid73
Rustles cattle with Death-By-Snu-Snu
Throws shit at crossing guards with DestinyMarie
Has a small effigy of BlackMurdur
Will always remember the heroic deeds of hellodestiny
Repossesses the walking aids of seniors for scrap metal with mandymisfit13
Owes everything that I am to RSNG
Vacuums sidewalks with Rebelicous3423
Actually invented Diet Coke with AngelaBenedict
Invented the iPod with tessabrooks129
Is far above the petty questioning of YWKM
Like 90% sure I'm going to hook up with CorpseFuck
Was liberated from my fragile and limited mortal coil by KakeSexX
Apologizes to orphans with GeddyCrucifiedZombie
Saw the FACE OF GOD with bee_11
Strategically places lubricant with PrettyPrincess
Asks children why humans expire like food does with -devil-
And here I was thinking a meteor struck the Earth & wiped out all the scene kids back in 2008, DannyLykeOMG
Physically, mentally, spiritually, and sexually liberates Ticklish_Tasha
Was converted to Hinduism by moonberri
I wonder if there's any limit at all to how many VF relationships I get, remon
How many licks does it take to get to the center of MrGrim4991
Da Vinci's skills would shrink away at the task of recreating the beauty of JossieAyame
Wants to eat while maintaining eye contact with evilandwitty
Contracted leprosy from SpaceGhostcoastcoast
It's complicated with groovygangsta
Livin in a gangster's paradise w/ Izzythecircusfreak
Power and the money, money and the power Minute after minute, hour after hour Opiates
Gets spanked by Happathy
what if we had a nice little house by the sea xXEmoxNightmareXx
Talks about doing explicit stuff with gerbils but backs out when the moment comes with CyanideandVanity
west east
Emigrated out of the sewers with Firefly
Powerbombs KatKastro
Powerbombs LasVegasDreamer
Has a seasonal holiday business hanging up X-Mas lights but then leaves the ads up into Summer with AngelaBenedict
Discovered the true benefits of yogurt on gestational health with blake_brutal
Cephalopod Rights NOW! -Opheliac-
Seeking wholesome, family-friendly content on fetlife with Ambergothchick
When I look up at the moon I can only hope you're looking up too, I_smell_Fear
Rides the rails snortin rails with HybridTheory
Would never call the IRS to report the activities of UnknownBeing
Don't let it get you down, figgotry
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl Wednesdaydoll13
We're beyond all laws now. Man's laws, god's laws, nature's laws. Nothing holds binds us anymore. Sparky_Marcus
Molten Salt Thorium Reactors can provide us with meltdown-resistant nuclear power Bluebutterfly1115
It's really time we sat down and talked about this face to face, -Potato
If you were actually down with the clown you would duel me, we can do swords or flintlocks, WOOPWOOP friskyfox3
Cultivating the fruits of a life of hard work and effortless joy alongside my beautiful wife, supposejelly
Isn't it nice to be here, away from all the cares of the world? I'm going to pick some blueberries supposejelly
How fucked up would it be if bacteria could scream? NickoTurtle
Nah but seriously HOW FUCKED UP WOULD IT BE IF BACTERIA COULD SCREAM? Imagine hospitals! SpaceGhostcoastcoast

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