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The bird of hermies is my name,

eating my wings to make me tame.

18+ Only.
Status: Profile Currently Under Construction ";..;"

Sex: female
Age: 26
Location: Ottawa, Canada

Member since: January 19, 2006
Account: Free Account
Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Minion to: Kali
Occupation: Store manager at Hell Hole "R US"
Damage: 1 [?]
Latest Journal Entry: lost count...   June 04, 2014, 08:29am
Contacting Me
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About Me

For you who don't like me for who i am
I honestly don't care for the likes of those such as yourself. Its called I can go outside and enjoy life like i always do, I do have a life you know...

Everyone calls me Ghost

I'm German/Irish

I'm Celtic/Pagan & proud of it!

Piercings?: originally 15 now 12

1 in my lip vertical labret

4 in my ears ( 2 lobes 1 industrial )

2 in my nipples

1 in my tongue

4 in my nose ( My Bridge, my septum & both sides of my nose)

and 1 in my bellybutton

1. One vampuric ankh on my lower tailbone

2. A heart with thorns stabbing into it/wrapped around it, and blood dripping out of it.

3. A Vampiric Ankh on My Right Wrist Tailing Down To Almost My Inner Arm ( Near My Veins )

4. A Gothic Ankh with Tribal Celtic Wings Stretched Out (( Located Also On My Wrists Trailing Upward ))

5. the vampirefreaks logo i designed myself on the back of my neck

6. The tattoo of my goddess: Epona, will be soon!

I Don't give a shit what you think about me, I'm myself. I am me. don't like it go to hell.

I'm: Quiet, shy, artistic, talented
( in more than one way). etc.

I believe to treat others how you would want to be treated is the way to go in life, because in the end karmah will come back and bite you in the Ass.
Im very opinionated to a certain extent, i dont put up with drama, or childish bullshit So if you're on my profile just to start shit or downrate me good try.
I've been on this site since three months after it was first made.
So i can always make another account if you start to downrate me just because u want me off the site and get you're little "friends" to help the process.

Well, theirs not much to say about myself. all that i know that is that im very quiet. i don't talk to people. most of the time i try to avoid them if i don't know them, im very shy in person, but im very friendly, i don't have trust in very many people now adays, to be honest. its very hard to trust anyone at all anymore with how cruel and dishonest people are, so those i trust i hold dear to me.

For All Of Those Gamers Out There:
Is my Xbox360 Account.
My PS3:


Don't Whine when i kick your ass though,

= Now a few warnings =-

Im Nice --- If You're Nice To Me.

I Can Be A Bitch --- If You're Bitchy To Me.

I Love To Tease --- Doesn't Mean Im A Whore

I Love � Its What Makes Us Human

I'm A Sweetheart --- As Far As Sweetness Goes.

Im Kind Hearted --- But Vengeful

Im Insecure --- I Have Many Reasons Why

I Respect -- Those Who Have Earned It.

I Hate --- Those Who Have Broken My Trust.

I Love --- Those Who Have Always Been There For Me.

Im Sadistic --- Do You Still Love Me?

I Lust --- But Not For Sexual Purposes.

I Feel Pain --- Its What Makes Us Human

I Don't Cry --- Why Should I?

Rules Of My Profile.

1. i will not speak to those who hit on me constantly when it is not needed or appreciated, unless it is a good friend/family member.

2. do not flood my profile with comments unless i am speaking with you through via msg, although comment whores are always welcomed, not spammers though.

3. I Call All Of My Friends Either: Dear or Hun. Doesn't Mean Im Hitting On You, Im Just Being Polite, and showing respect. I Do Have Manners You Know...

4. I have NEVER exclaimed in my profile that im "gothic", i live the lifestyle but i have NEVER called myself gothic, many people do and i just brush it off.

Things I Think About Myself.

1. Im Not Cute/Sexy/Beautiful/Gorgeous.
I Don't Care What Anyone Says,
Or How Much You Threaten To Kick My Ass For It

2.I am Just Myself, i believe in honesty and true beauty, it what makes us all unique.

3. Im Very Opinionated when it comes to things/people that i care about.

4. I LOATH!, explaining shit, if you're IQ. is lower than a goldfish's then dont speak to me it hurts my brain explaining shit.

5. I'm a smart ass, and i know i don't have an ass!
Stuff I Hate

The human race.
MOST of you ( not all ) are ignorant self centered bastards who only care about themselves and do not wish to help others so that you may better at least one persons life before you go under.

I loathe childish behavior and unwanted drama,
so if you're looking at my profile just to start shit, go elsewhere.
people who read my profile and then decide to label me as "goth", I've clearly stated in my profile that i DO NOT CONSIDER MYSELF GOTHIC!. learn to read you illiterate bastard's!, i hate harassment so if you decide to harass me i will take it to an admin.
I hate drama. it causes way too much stress and bullshit.
i hate people that call me a witch for not even taking a minute to understand wicca.
Favorite Music
Favorite Music

#1 blutengel( Chris Phol is Yum ";..;" ) , #2 Malice-Mizer ,Seraphim Shock, Zeromancer, Robin Black, Skinny Puppy, Orgy,opeth, switchblade symphony, wumpscut,children of bodom,cradle of filth,murderdolls,
Zombie Girl, mushroomhead,,rammstein,avenged sevenfold,Mindless Self Indulgence , cold, Hinder, HIM, Marilyn Manson, Evanescence,blue hand, gossamer,The Used,A Perfect Circle, Coal Chamber, Cryptic Mind, Devil Driver, Dimmu Borgir,Disturbed,Drowning Pool (oldshit), Dying Fetus, Jack Off Jill, Midnight Syndicate, Nine Inch Nails, Soil,Theatres Des Vampires,Wednesday 13, & Lacuna Coil, London After Midnight, Flowing Tears, Spanking Machine, Leave's Eyes,Tristania, The Cure, Nebula-H, Combichrist, Collide,Wolfshiem,Lullacry,The Gathering, Type O Negative, Within Temptation, VNV Nation, Theatre Of Tragedy, Tapping The Vein, The 69 Eyes, Paradise Lost,After Forever, psyclon nine, Cruxshadows, Nightwish, Apoptygma Berzerk, Voltaire, Dead Can Dance, The Damned, Requiem In White, The Misfits, Killswitch Engaged,MORTIIS, Alice Cooper, Dream Theatre, This Mortal Coil,Dark Eden, Symphony X,Dope Stars Inc., To Die For, Two Witches, Ramones, Wench,Dabbet-�l, Arz, Nosferatu,BlindBeforeDawn, Morbid Angel. KoRn, psyclon nine, Dope Stars Inc.,Dark Eden,
G.A.N.M. and God Module
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Nov 21, 2014, 10:25am
Gotcha! :-D

I hate Brian though... lol


Nov 21, 2014, 10:20am
I'm missing a link in the chain here. Refresh my memory! lol