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Sex: female
Age: 68
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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MY BIO: Gia Nova was originally replicated in a very cozy laboratory in the foot hills of Lithuania. On a quest for the perfect specimen, the scientists spliced her together, but disposed of Gia when they learned of her temper and strength. Her official name was originally Replicant Model #001 Genetically Intrepid Archetype or G.I.A. for short. Luckily, a family of wolves took baby Gia in and cared for her until she was 8 years old. Around that time she was kidnapped by a caravan of gypsy performers who trained Ms. Nova in the arts of dance and black magic. 'Nova' was the name given by her caravan family and has been used as a last name ever since. Upon reaching maturity, she started sneaking into fetish clubs and ended up getting hired as a performer and go-go dancer. During this same time she started dabbling in burlesque performances. This was the gateway to the world of exotic dance where she was to meet her first feature entertainer and realize her life path. It took a few more years before Gia started featuring, but once she did, everything started moving faster! She posed for Playboy, Penthouse covered a number of her shows and she even landed a cameo in Rob Zombies Halloween 2! Performing in many different facets is her passion, and it shows. Ms. Nova's burlesque shows are Vegas quality! She is also classically trained in belly dance, middle eastern and american tribal, mostly from the gypsies. Sometimes the shows take a dark turn down the fetish road as a nod to her club roots. Also, her training in modern dance and hip-hop are incorporated into other shows that are more "feature style". Then there are her circus tricks and black magic taught to her by the mystics of the gypsy caravan; Her fire show is one of the top on the feature circuit and she has been formally trained in fire safety. The aerial silks are another unique act she performs and may be recognized in such show cirque du soleil. She is the original Grinder Girl on the feature circuit, and this may be the one act she is best known for. She introduced this to the feature industry in late '07 when she started featuring...This act has been published in Penthouse, Playboy.com, Cherri, Hustler and Club magazines during show competition coverage. In addition to that, Gia also crafts her own props and costumes, as she holds a degree in historical costuming. So, as you can see, not only was Ms. Nova genetically spawned to titillate the senses, she is also fully invested in her performances.


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Link 1: http://GiaNovaTheNakedGypsy.blogspot.com
Link 2: http://twitter.com/gia_nova
Link 3: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GiaNova_aka_Kr

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