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Merch tent at Warp Tour.
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Label Type: unsigned
Location: Rochester, New York, United States
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NIN, Peter Gabriel, IAMX, Nintendo, Sneaker Pimps, The Birthday Massacre, Mindless Self Indulgence.

About Us;

Sounding as if they were sent from a post-apocalyptic future, Ghostfeeder is the brainchild of the outfit’s vocalist, programmer and songwriter Derek Walborn. Pressing riffing guitars and get-up-and-dance bass lines through a filter of gritty synth leads and painstakingly calculated digital glitches, Walborn creates a sound that is as decidedly different as it is contagious. The end result is the sonic equivalent of dragging a lifetime of 8-bit video games and science fiction films across the sticky floor of your local rock music hall and then cleaning it up just enough to sneak past the bouncer at that dance club you’ve always wanted to get into.

Eager to provide fans and venues alike with an unexpected degree of professionalism, Ghostfeeder’s ever-evolving stage performance makes an impression wherever it’s seen. With a self-contained DMX-controlled light show meticulously synced to their music, and custom-built, illuminating stage props, the band pushes the boundaries of what people should expect from a completely independent group. Thus far, Ghostfeeder has shared stages and venues with national acts including Filter, Powerman 5000, The Bunny The Bear, Nonpoint, and Blink 182. The band also played on the Ernie Ball Stage at the 2013 Van’s Warped Tour.

Not content to blend in, Ghostfeeder’s eyes are firmly set on the future from which it appears they came. We hope to see you there.

Ghostfeeder live is:

Derek Walborn on vocals

Jeff Butler on drums

Myka Yott on bass

Luke Dangler on guitar


“Although Rochester, New York, electro-rockers Ghostfeeder are all about blurring lines, these guys are pretty sharp. Ghostfeeder have firmly established their sonic territory by welding pop to rock with a white-hot electro-glitch blowtorch. The arresting result is a chemical wedding of big guitars; skittering, truncated beats; and a diverse array of synth textures, with singer/programmer/songwriter Derek Walborn’s lofty (and very human) voice soaring above the band’s digitally distressed foundation. Once you’ve assimilated the sound, be warned: resistance is futile! The Ghostfeeder virus has infected fans, venues, and bookers alike. As of late Ghostfeeder has performed with national artists like Powerman 5000 and Filter.” - Ryan Roullard, Presonus Artist Spotlight

“Ghostfeeder dismiss preconceptions about alt-rock vocals having to be either some sort of Skinny Puppy-esque golem hiss or basso operatic growl a la Rammstein, and are musically very forward thinking. A natural progression from the meeting of screamo and new wave – as if Hadouken! and Linkin Park were involved in a head on car crash which should have killed them both, but from which they somehow both emerge not only unscathed but stronger.” – Mark Painter-Kooiman, Grave Concerns E-zine

“If Ghostfeeder can stay on the right side of commercial – appealing to the masses who have taste rather than selling out for the big bucks to whatever sounds good that month – Walborn and his boys could become a very popular band.” - Lenore, Intravenous Magazine

“NIN, Gravity Kills, and Linkin Park just had a baby, and its name is Ghostfeeder! But, to compare them too much to other bands is a bit unfair to them because they have such a unique sound that it’s hard to box them into any specific corner. So, listen for yourself, you will not regret it! 5 STARS.” – Johnny Elliot, Only The Indies

“Ghostfeeder is one of the only bands in CNY doing respectable and intense industrial music. Check ‘em out.” – Jocko, Moresound Studio

“Though it is the group’s third official release, Hard Times for Dreamers could serve as an effectively telling introduction to Ghostfeeder for any first-time listener. All of the founding fixtures of the band are present, and each one seems to be more finely-tuned and well-executed than ever before. And of course, the battle of man vs. machine alluded to in the band’s bio is still just as prominent; and at the conclusion of Hard Times for Dreamers, it seems that the battle has resulted in a draw. But that probably best serves the existence of Ghostfeeder, anyway.” – Trevor Courneen, ROCKchester Daily

“Derek Walborn graduated from Syracuse University in 2006 with a degree in sculpture. His somewhat aberrant aesthetic, born from a childhood obsession with aliens, insects, and videogames, has since found a musical outlet. Ghostfeeder is an electro-infused ‘robosexual future rock’ band that utilizes a raw guitar sound and hook-driven bass lines superimposed on a coolly crafted digital backdrop. The resulting sound is reminiscent of industrial giant Nine Inch Nails with a whispering of Peter Gabriel’s pop sensibilities. The effect is dichotic and exemplifies the battle between man and machine, a fight whose victor is extremely difficult to determine.” – David Yockel Jr, City Newspaper

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