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Latest Journal Entry: My brother raping today lol   May 14, 2015, 08:24pm

About Me: ^_^ Hello there,Welcome to my profile. Wait! dont rush off get to know me. Im here for real friends. My real friends are like my family and..Im an lets face it Im a VF addict! aslong as you are polite an respectful. Im here to be a friend. seriously feel free to messege me. :) Now about myself. My name Is Kathryn. I was born,raised and still live In Georgia. Im a country girl! I'm very layed back. Im not really judge-mental,I try to be understanding instead. Im a lesbian but guy friends are welcome. :) I respect peoples boundries and I keep too myself. Im an outdoors type of girl. I dont like being stuck inside all the time. I love nature and being around animals! Ive always been a tomboy. I try to enjoy the little things in life. I do my best to look at the brightside of life to keep myself going learn from my mistakes then move on. hmm Oh an randomness I love it! It keeps conversations alive so I dont care If you're random. aslong as your polite thats all I care about. As for age,gender,religion etc that doesnt matter I get along with most people. No judgement here <3 So feel free to messege me. Who knows you could find yourself a best friend! (: (Random intrest/things about myself) Evanescence is my favorite band. I met Amy Lynn Lee on August 10th 2012. It was one of the best days of my life! Ive been a Tennesse vols football fan sence I was ten. My b-day is 1-21-93. I love the outdoors,It can be very peaceful. I love animals there awesome! Im not that materialistic just love my boy pants an flatbill hats! Ive always been a tomboy. Im not afraid of being judged by others. (I think everyone should be thereself aslong as there trying to do the right thing, ofcorse) Kariokie,rideing atvs an fishing are my favotrite things in the world to do. I enjoy walking threw cemitarys at night. Im the baby of my family. Halloween is my favorite holliday. I LOVE going to kariokie! its always an up beat vibe in those type places. Welp thats enuf ramling. Thanks for reading! If you wana know more or be friends defantly hit me up. :)

LIKES Amy Lynn Lee,Evanescence,Animals, Music,rideing ATVs,Relaxing,flatbill hats, Tennessee Vols football, Hot Topic, Taking pictures, Fishing,Sunkist soda, Watching people shop on Black Friday, Halloween, Tripp pants, Piercings, Knifes, Orange cats, Coffee, Peace, VampireFreaks.com, Double rainbows, Ferrets, Hot chocolate, The beach, Karaoke, Peace, Eye liner, my alone time, Hoodies, Looking at the stars at night, taking pictures, open mindness, understanding, fishing, real friends, Honesty, Respect, Loyalty, Braveness, Truth, Life, Hope, Peace, Jesus christ, Faith, Forgiveness (Even though it’s hard to do I will get through it),bats,a good clean laugh,haveing coffee and talking,girls,lesbians,kariokie,concerts,horror movies based on true events,outdoors,night time,animals,cemitarys,horror flims,mustang cars,boy shorts,photography,lesbians,tripp pants,dressing in all black.

DISLIKES stuck up people. gossip. when people hug me after I've told them not to. perverts. people who pick on/bash others. people who purposely try to bring you down. people who try to talk you into something you don't want to do or to bring you down with them. conflict. make-up (expect eyeliner) animal abusers. being bored. being cold. being depressed or sad. Child molesters. Thieves. Lies. Betrayal. when I forget things. feeling sick. stress. anxiety. being sick. hospitals. the thought of being put to sleep. when people are unscensitve to others who dont diserve it. hate. Box messed up so ill put music here.. MUSIC first and for most my ears tell me Evanescence is the best band ever. I love the way they sound and Amy is truely a kind hearted person I lisen to alittle bit of everything just depends on the voice and sound of the music ask if you want me to be specfic lol. (: and I'm friends with the two lead singers (chris) "The Sunbelt Revolution" and (Andrew) Smokin' Mother Nature. Both men are awesome :) Andrew is actually the gentleman who allowed me too meet Amy Lee
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