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female, 23
, Georgia
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Latest Journal Entry: Friends...   February 01, 2016, 10:54am

About Me: ^_^ Hello there,Welcome to my profile. Feel free to message me I love makeing new friends! My name Is Kathryn. I was born,raised and still live In Georgia. From a small town. Im very understanding and accepting of people. Im here to make friends. I love animals and outdoors. I also love Tim burton movies jack skeleton King is awesome. I'm a huge evanescence fan. I love cats! I enjoy chatting I'm down to earth and I'm a good listener. feel free to message me and get to know me. :)

LIKES Amy Lynn Lee,Evanescence,Animals, Music,rideing ATVs,Relaxing,flatbill hats, Tennessee Vols football, Hot Topic, Taking pictures, Fishing,Sunkist soda, Watching people shop on Black Friday, Halloween, Tripp pants, Piercings, Knifes, Orange cats, Coffee, Peace, VampireFreaks.com, Double rainbows, Ferrets, Hot chocolate, The beach, Karaoke, Peace, Eye liner, my alone time, Hoodies, Looking at the stars at night, taking pictures, open mindness, understanding, fishing, real friends, Honesty, Respect, Loyalty, Braveness, Truth, Life, Hope, Peace, Jesus christ, Faith, Forgiveness (Even though it’s hard to do I will get through it),bats,a good clean laugh,haveing coffee and talking,girls,lesbians,kariokie,concerts,horror movies based on true events,outdoors,night time,animals,cemitarys,horror flims,mustang cars,boy shorts,photography,lesbians,tripp pants,dressing in all black.

DISLIKES stuck up people. gossip. when people hug me after I've told them not to. perverts. people who pick on/bash others. people who purposely try to bring you down. people who try to talk you into something you don't want to do or to bring you down with them. conflict. make-up (expect eyeliner) animal abusers. being bored. being cold. being depressed or sad. Child molesters. Thieves. Lies. Betrayal. when I forget things. feeling sick. stress. anxiety. being sick. hospitals. the thought of being put to sleep. when people are unscensitve to others who dont diserve it. hate.
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