Since 2006

Dj PhoeniXXX has planted his roots firmly within the essence of Pittsburgh’s club culture and has taken his city’s particular talents and flavors across the United States. Making his mark at premier venues, massive concerts, and major music festivals.

Deejaying over the last decade, with an extensive classically trained musical background in instruments and vocals, this mysterious, sophisticated, determined individual strives for greatness and accepts nothing less. With as much touring as Phoenix has done he is most known for Deejaying the best Electronic Music Events in Pennsylvania and delivering top-of-the-line performances each time. Founder of The Black Bat Society (a multi-purpose production company) he continues to gain popularity and creativity, improving his own sound and technique. The BBS is responsible for all of Pittsburgh’s largest Goth/Industrial/Alternative club events to happen over the last 10 years. With recurring monthly, quarterly, and annual events such as The Bondage Ball, Voodoo, Fetish 101, Anti-Valentine's Day, NYE Masquerade Ball, and more events that have yet to be announced.

Not only creator and resident deejay for these shows, Phoenix has a rich history of residencies and guest spots for notable events. In 2008 he was granted his first residency and became a Night-Shift DJ at the 12 year strong weekly event, Ceremony. Since then he has been a resident at clubs such as Club Zoo, Devils and Dolls, Controversy, Cruze Bar, and in 2011 he furthered his career in the largest monthly event in Cincinnati as resident DJ For Quorum.

As if his musical and production accomplishments weren’t enough, Dj PhoeniXXX has an extensive modeling career. From Fashion, to glamour, to fantasy, and to editorial modeling he has been featured in magazines, websites, clothing lines, and advertisements. Showing up to a shoot and taking pictures doesn't satisfy his need for creativity, as you will find that he has designed or modified many of the outfits utilized in several of his shoots.

Entertaining is in this man’s blood. Let us not forget to mention his talents as a fire for hire. Feeding off the energy of the crowd he combines a series of theatrics, movement, choreography, and dance to bring his fire performances to the maximum level of professionalism and wonderment. Always trying to advance his show with innovative fire tricks and fire toys he often utilizes a fire staff, fire fans, and fire whips.

Undoubtedly this is just the tip of the iceberg. His passion for the arts and talent for implementing them is intense and profound. His skill and dedication has set him on the level with the best in the business as he continues to overwhelm and astonish audiences across the world.

Bio written by Mariotto Chelazi

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