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Diary of Dreams

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Label: Accession Records
Label Type: indie
Location: Germany
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Kunst ist nur ein Wort fur das, was man nicht mit Worten beschreiben kann.

Diary of Dreams is a German electronic music group founded by Adrian Hates. His dreams are an integral part of the bands sensational and ambiguous lyrics that are full of double meanings, metaphors and symbolism.

Adrian began as a classically trained guitarist and pianist who was discovered by Garden of Delight which he ended up playing bass for. Adrian eventually initiated the Diary of Dreams project in the late 80's, claiming the band name from one of his early classical guitar compositions, "Tagebuch der Träume". Diary of Dreams' first album: "Cholymelan", appeared in 1994 on the Dion Fortune label.

Later down the road; Adrian formed his own label "Accession Records" and began to release albums almost annually while subsequently building a strong fan base. By 2004, Diary of Dreams had released 7 albums, 1 compilation and 3 singles/EP's.

2004 saw the birth of the philosophic "Nigredo", a conceptual album inspired by a half real/half fiction mythology which (after two years of research in libraries and antiquarian bookshops) was given birth to by the band. The Nigredo trilogy began with the EP "Giftraum", followed by the album "Nigredo" and ending with the sequel EP "MenschFeind". Songs from the Nigredo tour were compiled onto a live album entitled "aLive" and the companion DVD "Nine In Numbers".

Nearly 3 years of silence had passed since the end of the Nigredo trilogy. It wasn't until 2007 that their mighty harbinger EP "The Plague" shed light where "MenschFeind" had left fans in the dark. Strung with higher emphasis on extremes than ever before, the album "Nekrolog 43" was released in the same year.

As promised, fans didn't have to wait long until another release came by. 2009 gives birth to (if): the simple, yet expressive album title where each track tells a separate story. To promote this release, Diary of Dream's created their first ever music video for "The Wedding". Also... the band has revealed that a new world tour is being planned as we speak! Spread the word!

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