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Sex: male
Age: 21
Location: In a cereal box, United States
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: In a relationship
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Devon Beldez

Hi! I'm back once again, for the last time. I guess because I don't like vampires or freaks is the reason why most of my regrets from the past few months have been from this site odd enough. I'm going to try and do a proper "about me" since I've never done it before. So I'll see how long and pointless I can make this. Well, my name is Devon. I don't do much, like if you ask what I'm doing the answer will always be "watching tv" and if you ask what I like to do for fun/hobbies be prepared for some lies. Oh, that reminds me, I lie a lot and am very sarcastic. If you can come back at me, I like a challenge. But, I'm not rude so don't be rude. I don't take anything seriously and am not very sympathetic, if it starts to get annoying. On the plus side, I love "love" not "in love" just plain old love I'm not afraid of commitment, there's only three things I seek in life and that's knowledge, frienships, and romance. I have an obsession for pants pockets, I don't know why, just do. Hygiene is important to me as in I take two to three showers a day (no I don't have OCD, I just think it should be the standard). I don't smoke or drink, not my thing. But, to each his own. You think you can change me? Well you most likely can. I'm a work in progress and am pretty much open to anything. Hm, I guess I'll update this later, or not. If I was talking to you before, don't be afraid say hey, your not the reason I had to restart honestly. And I'm open to new people so let's talk!


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So let's keep this short, simple and to the point.

Devon here, at least for the time being, is mine loll SO if you touch him, how does it go? I will cut off your genitalia and feed it to you? Idk bro, something of that sort. I love this lug, and I have never been so comfortable with anyone else my whole life. I love messing with him. He doesn't get mad or annoyed. If you know me, you'd understand why it's still surprising. I talk to this blubber nuggest all damn day. I trust him with everything, I tell him everything, he listens to my undying rants. He accepts all of my flaws, or I believe he does. He's sarcastic as fuck though >.> With that being said, we just connect. I used to think we were a shit ton a like, but I'm starting to believe that's not the case. I'm talking polar opposites with common mutual interests. Which is good because he always keeps me on my toes. Constantly guessing with this guy, lemme tell ya. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. Not a lot of people can say they're dating their best friend. Knowing that you always mostly have someone on your side is also a win. Devon, I need you. I want you. I love you. And from the looks of it, that's not going to change.

Good-Bye, my do-nothing college attending boyfriend!

P.S. Go back to being a bum so we can spend more time togehter :/

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