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Can't you understand that the way things were planned
It never worked out so I just went crazy
Status: Wishing I was attractive... but at least I'm a good person inside! [View Updates]
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Me playing pinball.
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Sex: male
Age: 37
Location: Evil Santa's Moonbase, Dungeon of the Endless, United States
Orientation: Undecided
Status: Single and not looking
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Rating: 9.17
Rating points: 220
Member since: October 30, 2006
Last logged in: February 06, 2016, 06:50pm
Occupation: Video game store!
Account Status: Free Account
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Latest Journal Entry: R.I.P. David Bowie   January 11, 2016, 06:41am

Feel free to message me if we've talked before. Sometimes I don't notice messages, so I might forget to keep in touch.
This is a small portion of who I am. I am still trying to figure myself out. I tend to be opinionated with a lot to say. I wish life made more sense.
It's amazing when somebody can educate me enough to make me think in new and different ways. It's almost like a spiritual awakening. I'm always up for intelligent discussion with anybody!

Writing, Hammond organs, playing guitar, music, art, learning, pinball, getting my initials entered into a pinball machine, video games (especially old systems), board games, 1960s, Hipgnosis record covers, differences, psychology, philosophy, languages, honesty, sincerity, freedom, ghosts/paranormal activity/unexplained things, kindness, intelligence, photography, Steam, indie games, playing pranks, jokes, confusing people with my strange sense of humor, originality, tournaments, children's tv shows from the 1970s and 1980s, palindromes, having a job, sitars, going to the gym...

The current state of the music/movie industry, "convenience friends", facial hair on anybody (I'm a hypocrite now though), (intentionally) shitty haircuts, people who think it is "cute" to post pictures of themselves doing "personal things" with other people, guys who look like girls, internet dating, marriages at a young age (or when they haven't been together long enough), when people try to manipulate others, when people give their kids names that they think are artsy or cute but the names are stupid (just give them traditional names and all will be fine!), when people jump to conclusions (especially when they don't have a Jump To Conclusions Mat), Blue Meanies...

Favorite Music:
I actually do listen to anything! People are surprised by some of the things that I'll end up listening to. However, my favorite categories are progressive, vintage rock, and various metal. Lately I've become bored with the music scene so I'm searching for things that nobody else has heard of; luckily I discovered Rock Progressivo Italiano!

It is a proven fact that my favorite music is out of place, uncool, and/or horrible-sounding, according to the general population.

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