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Im Trying, Guys. I Really Am. .ugghhh. Im Trying, Guys. I Really Am. .ugghhh. ' BigHurrDon'tCurr ' - I Have No Idea .. I'm So Bored >> I Look Like Shitt ; But Look At My Squirrel Stache Thooooo ><
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Sex: female
Age: 71
Location: Hell, Asdfghjkl;, United States
Orientation: Pansexual
Status: Single
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Member since: February 12, 2012
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Okayy I Don't Really Know What To Say Here But I Just Had To Change My 'About Me' Cause The Other One Was Fuckin Retarded; And By Retarded I Mean Mentally Ill. I'm Extremely Sorry To Anyone Who Had To Read That Bullcrap.For It Was Bullcrap. But Anyways, Im Destiny;Destini;Destiniiee;Or Anything Else You Wanna Call Me. I Like To Cut Peoples Pinky Toes Off Out Of Pure Jealousy. In My Free Time I Enjoy Breaking Necks And Painting Birdhouses. I Also Dabble In The Art Of Picture Taking( Naked Strangers Only Of Course ) And Free Running. If You Ever Wanna Meet Me You Can Always Check Your Local Prisons Or Walmarts. Welp..I Think That's About It. But Considering That This Is Just Another Bullshit-Filled 'About Me' ; You Should Just Message Me And We Can Talk About Ourselves All Day Like Paris Hilton ^^ <3 Really Though, If You Want To Know About Me Just Ask, Okay? I Pinky Promise I'll Reply c: Cute Hello Kitty Kaoani.ani'),url('http://Cute Hello Kitty Kaoani'),auto;}
Pineapples, Gays, Mexican, British, Australian, Irish, And Country Accents, Money, Funny People, Girls With Pink Hair, Dimples, Circle Lenses, All Nighters, Morning Texts, Cute Laughs, Pretty Eyes, Anything Apple, Fluffeh Hats, Long Texts, Snow, 68 Degree Weather, Nerd Glasses, Cotton Candy, Hot Cheetos, Good Music, Plushies, Pretty Curls, Sexy Hair, Guys With Beards/ A Little Scruffieness , Plugs, Piercings, Cuteness, BlahBlahhBlahhh I'm Tired....
Bitches, Distance, Rain, Headaches, Watches, People That Correct Other Peoples Grammar & Spelling...,AutoCorrect, Whiney Kids, People That Don't Believe That Girls Have The Ability To Play Video Games.. >_>.., Tacos, Spicy Food That Makes Me Cry, The Sniffles, Loud/ Scary Noises, People With No Imagination , Shitty People, Having To Do Anything That Involves Moving , When There's Nothing On TV..
Favorite Music:
Fall Out Boy, Pierce The Veil, Bruno Mars, La Dispute, Dev, Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse, Paramore, Get Scared, Joe Brooks, Kid Cudi, LIGHTS!!, Panic! at the Disco, Skrillex, The xx, The Devil Wears Prada, Tonight Alive, Parachute, Lana Del Rey, Forever The Sickest Kids, Hey Monday, Jeffree Star, BOTDF, Nicki Minaj, I See Stars, Asking Alexandria, The Ready Set, Never Shout Never, Two Door Cinema Club, My Chemical Romance, Owl City, Lupe Fiasco, Metro Station, Hot Chelle Rae, Green Day, Cobra Starship, 3OH!3, All Time Low, Attack Attack, Sleeping With Sirens, Breathe Electric, Breathe Carolina, BrokNCYDE, Black Veil Brides<3

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