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Insanity is a blessed curse in which drives ones mind to the brink of crumbling, but in that falling world that persons true self maybe reviled and in which separates that persons mind from body and soul, This my friends is true peace.-Me
Status: My baby boy is on his way into the world!!!! My lil Phoenix Lee Reaper :D
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hello there my name is Dimitri and i will be your guild for this evening. i love to swordplay it passes by time fairly quickly, im a bit of a violent person but only cause its fun, im random...extreamly random..... Im a gamer from hell I play stuff like World of Warcraft to Call of Duty and much more. Love Anime, and throw this out ANIME IS NOT CARTOONS YOU DONT SEE HALF NUDE CHICKS SLICING PEOPLE IN HALF IN CARTOONS...buuttt i guess if you wanna know anything ask me and dont be shy i dont bite...to hard, unless you want me to.. lmfao
stuck up people, people that judges, and all in that catagory
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Slipknot, Mudvayne, Rammstein, We Butter the Bread With Butter, Palisades, Asking Alexandria, Avatar, A Day to Remember, and all that in those category's
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Jul 01, 2015, 09:14pm
It's okay :-)


Jun 05, 2015, 07:44am
Yea that's fine


Jun 02, 2015, 05:56pm
I know. :-(


Jun 02, 2015, 05:49pm
that's also where the small amount of ** stuffs comes from, just in case I don't know of which emote to use, or the coding for it. ^^


Jun 02, 2015, 05:45pm
I am an adult! rofl yesh, I use emotes a lot to actually show the emotions that I haz. *nodnod*


Jun 02, 2015, 05:43pm
people might stalk. ^^' you never know.


Jun 02, 2015, 05:32pm
nah it's okies. ^^ kind of been needing to write that for a looooong time. XDand now that I have, it's all good. :-D

Prolly should've inboxed that, though. gooby


Jun 02, 2015, 05:04pm
here's the info. ^^ sry if it's a long read too. ^^'

It first will show a little history lesson:

Chaos (or Khaos) was the first of the Protogenoi (primeval gods) to emerge at the creation of the universe. She was followed in quick succession by Gaia (Earth), Tartaros (the Underworld) and Eros (Love, the life-bringer). Chaos was the lower atmosphere which surrounded the earth - invisible air and gloomy mist. Her name literally means the gap, the space between heaven and earth. Chaos is also described as it being the confused mass containing the elements of all things that were formed out of it. All of the elements that were within it had been what had also helped those that were of dark intent to find a way to try to rule over the world using it, able to control any element with but a thought. It was then that Chaos had made sure to not allow such a thing. When a man had tried to use chaos to his own means, it would instead cause a random event to happen, and perhaps also cause his death. To her, it should never be wielded in a manner to be controlled... for it would no longer be chaos, but part of the order of the universe. The control of chaos would be for her alone. Many times Chaos would send a part of herself down onto the world, and see to those that would hold the power that had managed to come forth from unions of those that were pure chaos and those that were not. When a being that wielded the power would try to master it, and come close to it, Chaos would have her piece destroy the person, and cause the chaos from within them to come within herself. She kept watch in that manner for the greatest of times, so if one that was made from her had been around, there had always been a reason for it. Some that she had created from her form had started to gain a will of their own, becoming like that of their own person, and so she had made others take care of them that had no wills. Once, when one of the ones that had tried to destroy a being of chaos that had gone rogue was harmed and almost drained of her life, Chaos had sent down something greatly special... it was called a chaos doll. Filled with almost infinite chaos, this doll would give it's services to the one that had held control over it. Only once has there been one that had controlled the doll that had been of the willful ones... within her she holds a still large amount of want to do the task that she had set out to do from the goddess, but there had also been a will of her own to do as she wanted. The goddess had decided to call her lady chaos, for she had been one that was perfectly loyal to her, even if she had some manners that were not as cared about. It was the first time that one was willful and was still loyal, and so she doted on the child. She was given a chaos doll so that should she need it, she would have one there to support her in her endeavors.

The next part goes as thus:

The world causes chaos through merciless slaughter, people fighting for their own selves in battles, and living every day that makes things around them seem like a form of insanity...but there are those that are influential towards them. This describes of what some of the abilities are that can make such a thing possible...:

Binding - To force someone to have chaos within them causes them to become as chaos themselves, their minds slowly breaking until they become completely random, eating one second, and slaughtering the next, and talking like nothing soon after. It causes the body to be unable to contain it, and the body ends up breaking itself, making the person die.

Waves - When one has a power of chaos, and attempts to wash them of the tainted chaos each day, some might come onto those that are nearby, or within the food that would later be ingested by others. These cases have a way of branching out greater than any other, but the chaos within them will only last two days at most, giving small amounts of randomness, but nothing that would be too noticeable.

Orbs - These are the means of showing that one has power over chaos itself, but hold no ability to control what comes out of it. Once they release it from their hand in any direction, and sometimes within their hand if kept there long enough, will become one of a limited amount of elements... fire, water, ice, lightning, shadows, and one other... holy. The one of holy is the most dangerous one to have within the one's hand, for it will start destroying the hand immediately if they do not let go of it. Some of even Chao's own pieces of herself have been known to die from such a way of using their power. When not giving an element, it has generally become something completely harmless and light, as if like a flower, or something simple that wouldn't hurt anything. For every dark side of chaos, there is a light side, always and forever fighting within for all eternity.

Shaping - When one concentrates enough, one can make clothing from the chaos, but it is limited to those that are of Chaos themselves, and are unable to use that chaos for anything else. Each time chaos is used in this way, the clothing are as silk, and show a bit of dark purple within them because of their origins. This is one of the most simple, and yet hardest things to use chaos for, even it sometimes not working at all, and leaving the being without clothing at all.

The last bit of the page has been torn from the book, a little bit of the page also having a burning mark. The only thing that could be read from the far left side was the word Blood.

After looking at that page, turning the page shows that the rest of the book has been removed, and though it doesn't look like much, it is only assumed that it was of great importance to those that might have wanted to learn chaos themselves. Each page's edge near the books' bindings had scorch marks, showing that they were burned while within the book itself. Someone hadn't wanted anyone to learn the secrets to actually learning how to use chaos themselves.

So... ^^ with the knowledge that I gave you with when William had gained blood from Bethany, that's more or less what the whole manner of chaos is about in the kingdom. ^^ A heavy inspiration from Greek Mythology, obviously. :-D


May 29, 2015, 10:41pm
old man. haha



Feb 26, 2015, 09:18pm
yea it blows.