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ebm/synthpop/techno/trance - dekoy? listen for yourself : )
BaZa (concept/lyrics/vox) - Haujobb, A23, Cruxshadows, A-Ha, Dead Can Dance, Smiths, Tears For Lulu, VNV Nation, Neuroticfish, London After Midnight, J.Lane, Gossamer, David Bowie, Android Lust, Sebastian Bach, The Cure, many more...

d_b (concept/music/graphics) - '80s agreppo/new beat, thorsten fenslau, andreas tomalla, jallokin, denzil slemming, claudio simonetti, john carpenter, daniel b., alex christensen, yuzo koshiro, paul williams, don coscarelli, dario argento, jean pierre jeunet, michele soavi, etc.