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Sex: male
Age: 37
Location: New York, United States
Rating: 0.00
Rating points: 0
Member since: March 22, 2004
Last logged in: Invisible
Account Status: Premium Member
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DO NOT BOTHER US WITH YOUR PERSONAL DRAMA. JUST BECAUSE YOU DO NOT GET ALONG WITH SOMEBODY ELSE DOES NOT MEAN WE WILL DELETE THEM. If someone is an obvious asshole to multiple people, we will delete them, but if you keep bothering us with your personal drama we will delete you.

In your report, include: the username of who ever you are referring to, the problem, a quick summary of any relevant history and any other additional information. Do not write reports that are long, irrelevant and/or difficult to read.
For a list of admin / moderators and to see who is online if you require immediate assistance: click here
Picture Theft
To get rid of a fake, you MUST "salute", by taking a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper saying "Your Username @ vampirefreaks.com" simply post your salute in your profile, and THEN leave a comment in the admin inbox.

In order for us to act on most cases, we require proof. Do not delete comments, clear your ratings or anything that may remove the proof we need.

Disappearing Comments
All comments over 30 days old are deleted!

Stop your bitching. Just because you were rated a 1 does not mean the person who rated you is a downrater. And people do not have to leave comments when they rate you either. However, if you have a strong belief they are a downrater then report it in.

  • Creating multiple accounts. This includes "HTML Test Pages", you have the VF Layout Generator and a "Preview" option for that
  • Racist / sexist / prejudiced / or any Nazi / KKK imagery, references, or messages to other members.
  • Nudity, or pornographic material. A Picture does not have to have nudity in it for it to be deemed a sexual/pornographic act. It is to the Admin's discretion when it comes to judging what is or is not appropriate.
  • Excessive Downrating
  • Fake accounts.
  • Hostility / causing unnecessary drama with other members.
  • Hiding ads on profiles whether you are a free member, or premium. Your layout will be removed and you could risk suspension/deletion.
  • Promoting powerbombing or downrating of specific member(s). If you have personal drama issues, keep them to yourself.
  • Spamming for rates and picture props. Using broadcasts, or cult notifications to do so, is also not acceptable. Just so you are clear as to what counts as spamming, it is basically sending the exact same message to multiple members.
  • Creating spam threads in cults can result in suspension, deletion, and possible deletion of the cult.

Most "hacking" on VF isn't even a hack at all. Its someone stealing passwords. What you need to do to prevent this is; make sure you always log out, never give anyone your password, use a combination of letters and numbers, and don't use the following passwords/types of passwords:





Your real name

Your phone number

Your date of birth


These are very common passwords. They're the first thing a "real hacker" would try before even considering doing any actually "hacking". Not to mention the only thing most "wannabe" hackers can do.
If one of these "hackers" gets into your profile through your password they have FULL access to your entire account. They can use your account to post mean messages, downrate, delete your profile, and if they're good enough possibly get into VF itself. So its VITAL that you try to refrain from using these types of passwords. I appreciate all of your help in the future.
To have your remaining Premium Membership time transfered to a new account, your old account with the Premium Membership time to be transfered from must still exist. If it does not, then there's no way for us to validate if you really had a Premium Membership, and we can not transfer the remaining time. So before asking for a transfer of time, make sure your old Premium Membership username still exists, and that you make the request from your old Premium Account in order to prove yourself.

Remember to add the username of the person
you're complaining about to the report!

PLEASE direct all complaints regarding FLASH CHAT TO the Flash Chat Inbox

If you are reporting a FAKE please provide us with a link to the real person who is posing a SALUTE (see 'Common Answers to Complaints') to prove that they are REAL! Also note, that admins can ask any member for a salute. Failure to comply can result in a suspension or possible deletion.

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