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male, 24
Katy , Texas
United States
Drumming/Platos closet
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A monkey hoists himself out of bed "today is the day!" he quietly said A boy of barely eight loads the led His bb gun's fed... He heads out with a shout. "YOUR MINE MONKEY! I HAVE NO DOUBT!" He shoots the monkey in the head... Moral of the story? Pay attention when people yell...its usually important.

Hai. O.O
I'm kevin.
Nice to meet you.
I havent been on here in a long time. Ill upload more photos and more about me soon. Message me!

I'm obsessed with with washing mah hands.
I sorta like the drums I guess :P
If you make me a smoothie I will love you forever.
If you make me a cupcake I will love you for eternity.

Being dirty D:
I finally have a washer again...so I wash my clothes all day every day.
If you go a year with no washer, and half to take them to a washateria you will know what im talking about.

Yeah...I like music.
Its fun.