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Status: Relaxing the day away.
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Sex: female
Age: 23
Location: Okinawa, Japan
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Member since: May 21, 2009
Last logged in: July 05, 2015, 09:56am
Occupation: U.S. Navy Preventive Medicine Tech.
Account Status: Free Account

Hello everyone who visits my profile. I'm nothing really special but everyone has something different in them that others may be interested in. I'm just your typical nice girl that loves to make new friends anywhere. Don't be shy to send me an inbox to say hello. (I really would like it if you used correct spelling or at least try to. I mean I know that just about everyone in here has a good education and can spell ''Hows it going?'' instead of ''hw it goen'') I can't try to out-goth most of the people in here, I can't come up with some colorful and exotic hair style that everyone will like, and I don't have that I Don't Care attitude towards everything.

If you have any questions for me then please just send me a inbox and for all that is good in this world PLEASE dont send me an inbox saying ''asl?'' because that information is already up and I will just ignore it.
-Trying new foods- -Roller Blading to music- -Dancing in crowded dance clubs- -Dark dance clubs- -Listening to dance music- -Going to Cancun for vacation- -Beaches- -Long hot showers with music playing- -Singing in the shower- -Swimming in warm pools- -Walks after it has rained- -LARGE dusty empty rooms- -Yellow lights at night- -Watching T.V- -Daydreaming- -Shopping for T-Shirts with awesome designs on front and back- -Slightly cloudy skies- -A golden sky with gold clouds- (Its happened before) -Dirt roads- -Guys that are wearing masks-video games- -outdoor activities-
Bullies- -Small crowds- -A bad dj- -Suicide bombers- -Beheading clips- -Extremly muddy places- -Cold showers- -Thiefs- -Spouce abusers- -Pretenders- -Smell of cigs- -Terrible food- -A dirty bathroom- -No food in the kitchen- -The last ramen cup- -Stereotypes- -liars- -stalkers- -when someone doesn't excuse themselves to another room and fart like they own the place- -bugs- -hairless cats- -people who think they are above the law of the land-
Favorite Music:
-If It Bleeds- -Poker Face Remix- -Disturbia- -Breathe Life- -Radical- -So Far Away- -Mr.Jack- -Fade Away- -Run Away- -Devil's Rejects- -Numa Numa- -Bad Romance- -Second Chance- -Fire- -One More Time- -You Spin Me Right Round- -Ho Jayige Balle Balle- -I Come From A Land Down Under- -Telephone- -I Will Not Die-

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