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Status: _MattyMayFire_ You're a fake! Hope people realise, what a disgusting person you are!
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Lazy Day :) :) Todays a Curly day :) rough day, get my dressing gown on and chill. i look rough but who care :)
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Sex: female
Age: 24
Location: Leeds, United Kingdom
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single and looking
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Rating points: 0
Member since: June 23, 2011
Last logged in: April 15, 2015, 08:42am
Account Status: Free Account
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i'm d a i s y Im not new to this site, i deleted my last account and haven't been back on here for ages so i thought id try again. i live in Leeds & i drive a sunshine yellow citroen c1, shes my baby! Im pretty easy to talk to and get along with. If you cant hold a conversation don't bother starting one. I like to have a decent conversation so make it interesting. ...Im not the kind of girl that will send nudes or go on cam to random guys or girls so again don't bother contacting me if you plan on trying it. I HATE facebook with a passion, and am probably the only person on the planet who doesn't have one...its just my opinion good for you if you have one.. Im straight and single. Had a rough time with guys so now its all about having fun and enjoying myself. If you feel the need to put people down whether it be for their taste in music, fashion, or the way they are please don't waste my time by messaging me. I don't have the time for people like that! I doubt anyone reads these but never-mind. Drop me a line or two, and you never know you might like it, I'm quite a laugh to be around, love the odd one liner ;) i'm a nice girl, you just have to get to know me :) Ciao For Naowww! xo
Bright Big hair, truckfests, makeup, piercings, parties, camping, theme parks, £££, fun, my ipod! gigs, my straighteners, ripped jeans, photography,
Animal cruelty, work uniform, early mornings,Lady gaga, Jeremy kyle. etc just ask tbh.
Favorite Music:
Anything loud, & heavy.

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