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Sex: female
Age: 32
Location: Washington, Washington DC, United States
In a relationship with: wormsoftheearth
Member since: May 29, 2007
Last logged in: Invisible
Account Status: Model
Latest Journal Entry: Venal Flesh x Gore Couture   March 08, 2015, 03:36pm

*********Note, this bio is old and I really need to update it, considering that I wrote it when I was 24 and I'm 30 now. All I've managed to keep updated throughout the years is my age and location************************ I am 30 and currently live in Washington, DC.Alas I'm a Jersey girl and always will be. I'm in NJ/NYC visiting friends and going to clubs quite often/ I also frequently visit Buffalo, Albany, Philly and Montreal, so if you wanna do photos or book me for your night holla at your girl, ha ha ha. I model[see portfolios in link section], DJ[ I am primarily a noise/terror EBM DJ although dark ambient is the musical love of my life] and write my own dark ambient project on and off since 2004. I am musically very influenced by the artist of Sweden's Cold Meat Industry label. I love fashion. I primarily dress like a typical "rivethead/industrial girl" on a daily basis, but come club time is when the good stuff comes out. I will wear anything from classic Victorian Goth styles to futuristic cybergoth wear. I play a different character every weekend and that's the way I like it. I'm Tank Girl this Saturday, but will be a dark pinup girl the next. Variety is the spice of life and I don't like labels or limitations. I also love, love, love fetish wear like latex and PVC. The bigger the hair[although 3/4 of my head is shaven] and shoes, the hotter the style. I do have a serious Lip Service and M.A.C addiction. I love parrots and will talk about them for hours. Tiki bars and kitschy retro culture is another weakness of mine.
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Photo by Christopher Mealie

You can also visit my Model Mayhem page here.

I write a love and dating advice column called Lethal Love for the Lip Service blog. Click the graphic to read my thoughts on everything from creepy stalking exes to robot sex.

Trevor Brown's art, medical fetish imagery, latex, gravity defying hair, androids, NOISE BOYS <3, parrots, intelligence, kitsch.
Foot fetishists, poor grammar/Net speak/butchery of the English language, left wing/Communism, photo thieves, laptop DJs.
Favorite Music:
dark ambient, goth,industrial[and all it encompasses] terror EBM, power elctronics, noise[of all kinds], deathrock, glitch, IDM. I am addicted to most artists off Sweden's Cold Meat Industry label. As well as Germany's Ant Zen[I even have an Ant Zen tattoo] Not a day goes by that I don't listen to Raison d'etre and Gridlock. My Top 4 all time favorite acts have to be 1- Raison d'etre 2-Gridlock 3-In Slaughter Natives 4-yelworC
Homepage: http://www.lip-service.com/webzine/?cat=13
Link 1: http://modelmayhem.com/member.php?id=338488

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