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Sex: female
Age: 33
Location: Washington, Washington DC, United States
In a relationship with: wormsoftheearth
Member since: May 29, 2007
Last logged in: Invisible
Account Status: Premium Member
Latest Journal Entry: Krampusnacht 2015(Dec.5th)-Hanzel und Gretyl & Venal Flesh in RVA   December 01, 2015, 03:43pm

NEW BIO IN PROGRESS. Because I'm not sure how much I wrote in 2007 was still relevant in 2015.
plastic surgery,Trevor Brown's art, medical fetish imagery, latex, gravity defying hair, androids, NOISE BOYS <3, parrots, intelligence, kitsch.
Foot fetishists, poor grammar/Net speak/butchery of the English language, POLITICS IN GENERAL but especially ultra left wing "social justice" warriors, photo thieves.
Favorite Music:
dark ambient, goth,industrial[and all it encompasses] terror EBM, power elctronics, noise[of all kinds], deathrock, glitch, IDM. I am addicted to most artists off Sweden's Cold Meat Industry label. As well as Germany's Ant Zen[I even have an Ant Zen tattoo] Not a day goes by that I don't listen to Raison d'etre and Gridlock. My Top 4 all time favorite acts have to be 1- Raison d'etre 2-Gridlock 3-In Slaughter Natives 4-yelworC I'm in an electro industrial project called Venal Flesh. We just released our debut EP "Sacrament to the Scalpel" on Alfa Matrix.
Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/venalflesh
Link 1: http://modelmayhem.com/member.php?id=338488

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