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Status: I just want some fucking Chinese food and maybe some graphic request, to keep me busy. it sucks when you try to make "free shit" but have no idea what people will like.
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Sex: female
Age: 26
Location: United States
Status: Married
Member since: January 05, 2016
Last logged in: February 10, 2016, 04:41am
Account Status: Premium Member
Latest Journal Entry: Transferred to livejournal   January 29, 2016, 08:05am


Whats up fuckers?

I go by "Ian Valentine"
I'm no where near new to this site.
Photographer, mother, wife, layout & Graphic designer.
anything you want to know, you can ask.
if you're lucky, I may reply. if not, don't bother trying again.
I enjoy watching Anime & paranormal shows.
[Click here] to view what Anime I watched just last year. (2015)
Please read the facts section to make sure you get my attention. →

Facts about me

I've had the same account sense 2006, til Dec. 28th 2015 when I deleted my "premium account" to start over. under the SAME user name. Why did I do this? Because I've been going through some life changes and said fuck it! there was no other reason.

More people hate me on this site than on any other site. Why is this? their own personal reasons I guess. then again, I don't give a fuck either way.

Why did I come back? I got bored. more likely I will delete my account again at some point once VF bores me again. but we'll see how things go from this point.

People find me to be "Negative" when in truth, I'm actually quite positive. the only issue with me is I have social anxiety. so talking to people is not the "Norm" for me. so excuse me if I seem to be quite negative to you. it just takes some time for me to warm up to you. want to know me, watch my youtube channel.

I delete EVERYONE who adds me to their friends list with out getting to know me first. meaning you MUST talk to me for at least 3 months before even adding me. if you just add me, and find yourself removed from my list. then you should learn to read.

If you send me an Inbox message. more likely I'll ignore it. I tend to ignore those the most. if you're lucky, and catch my attention. I may reply. but most likely its an easy way for you to just get blocked by me.

Talking in the 3rd person ANNOYS THE SHIT OUTTA ME! I really can't stand when people send me messages with text in between these little guys (*) if you send me a message where you look like you're talking in the 3rd person or like you're standing with in eye sight of me. I will ignore you.


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