Sex: male
Age: 33
Location: Palmdale., SoCal., United States
Member since: June 29, 2008
Account: Model
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single and looking

Moving On With Your Life

Well here we go. Name is Pablo. 35 Born in Argentina Mar Del Plata and now lives in SoCal. In my spare time I love to dj in my room and escape this madness I call home. I love music, thats my #1 interest. I also enjoy going to clubs in LA and Hollywood. I'm a person that likes to keep things to myself. Most people can't handle that, hence why I don't have many friends.

I've learned to accept it and move on with life. Life is hard, I guess, but I know now you have to make the best of things. If you hold on to the past it will get you hurt and also get you no where. Do what makes you happy and who cares what people think of you.

Likes :music, djing, meeting new people, PC games, Industrial clubs raves - What ever makes me wanna dance is always a plus in my book.

Dislikes: I hate fake girls. I hate liars. I hate guys that hit girls. That makes me want to turn into the HULK and kill them. I hate bullies. Umm.... what else? I've been back stabbed before, so I fucking hate back stabber's... If I dont like you and If I don't talk to you then please get the hint and leave me the fuck alone.