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Status: You know I'm not a saint. You knew it all this time. Still you've been waiting for me.
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Sex: female
Age: 26
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: VF Addict
Owner of: -13-
Wants to make babies with: Switch44
Owned by: Odin_FatherofAsgard
Friends with: BlackAlchemist
Rating: 9.94
Rating points: 5210
Member since: May 08, 2006
Last logged in: February 11, 2016, 05:49pm
Account Status: Premium Member
Rated by: 524 people
Latest Journal Entry: Status update: New year, New changes   January 03, 2016, 05:04pm


About The Space Girl

Hello! It’s nice to meet you. My name is Kim, Kim Heroin. No, I do not use/do any type of drug. I am a drug, that means: I am addicting. You will end up either loving me or hating me, you choose which one. I have lived in the Milky Way galaxy, specifically in Chicago, Illinois my entire live. I am 26 years old. I am currently attending a university to become a health psychologist. One day I hope to be able to travel off into space. I have been a vegetarian for over a decade. I'm not a twig but I have more self esteem then the majority of girls who are. Many people take my confidence as being cocky but I assure you I am rather down to Earth girl. I'm a however a very real person and in no way here to impress you. My heart has been happily claimed. Meaning, I am in a relationship that I am very pleased with. I request you actually talk to me before just adding me to your friend list. I never understood the point of having people listed as a friend that never speak to me. I also request that you don’t bother talking to me if all you expect to get out of me is nude photographs. I have no desire to be naked over the internet, it’s that plain and simple. You'll never understand me but learn to love me [or hate me] if you take the time and effort to be around me.

Whatever you rate me I will rate you the same back Also: Yes, I have Skype but unless we talk a lot you will not be given it. So please, don't bother asking me for it.

General Information

Subject: Kim Heroin
Gender: Female
Location: Chicago, IL (USA)
Version: 26 [September 16th 1989]
Design Function: psyche research student
Setting: Bi-Sexual
Ownership Status Taken
User Modifications: Four piercings [septum, left cartilage, left and right ear pierced, and Two tattoos [upper back and around her right ankle]
User Since: May 7th, 2006
Spends most of her times: Reading medical case studies, testing scientific experiments, cosplaying, spending too much time playing video games [Mainly WoW], drinking more coffee then anyone should, daydreaming about space, being creative, plotting how to leave this planet and about time travel.

Things I enjoy

Literature (Books [fiction, medical, scifi, mythology]/comics/anime)
Marvel [X-Men is my favorite]
Video games (World of Warcraft, Legend of Zelda, Portal, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Silent Hill)
Astronomy/Outer Space
Hockey (Chicago Blackhawks)
Medical things
Science Fiction
Dying my hair
Skeleton Keys

Things I dislike

Any form of abuse
Perfection [it doesn't exist]
Bright lights
Horrible grammar

Questions and Answers

Is your real last name Heroin?
No it is not. But I’ve has it as nickname for roughly half my life.
How did you get the nickname Heroin anyways?
Oddly enough from a close personal friend who did the actual drug. They told me I was just as addicting to be around as doing the drug heroin. Ever since then it just kind of stuck with me.
Can I edit your pictures?
Of course! Just let me know which one you like to edit and I can send you the original, larger version without the VF stamp on it if it makes it easier on you. I love to see people's creative in the use of my images. Photograph edits are my favorite graphics ever and I would be more than willing and accepting of anything you create for me.
You've never really tried drugs?
No, never and I don't want too. I don't feel the need too or the want too. It never interested me. I’ve always been perfectly content without them so why mess up a good thing?
Do you model?
I honestly never have before. Most of my pictures are done completely by me. It's something I'd attempt but I couldn't see myself doing it professionally. The only time I look even relatively model looking is when I'm in a costume I feel. I enjoy photography and being in pictures but modeling isn’t something I could do seriously. For fun sure I’d try it.
You're really hot! We should cam/text.
Thanks for the compliment but I am going to decline. I truthfully hardly ever get on my Skype account. The only time I do is when people text me to ask me to get on. For my phone number, I simply don't give out my number to people I hardly know.
So your bi-sexual. Does that mean you polyamorous?
Nope, I am completely monogamous. I will date both men and women but never at the same time of each other.

Other Planets

Instagram // I have Facebook but it's a private account

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