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male, 33
Smalltimore , Maryland
United States
Shredtech, Rockstar and Computer Whiz
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I am the shredtech in an awesome industrial metal band called M.O.L.D. (myspace.com/machinesoflivingdeath, it's mechnology (Live drum and bass crossed with Metal) at its finest. I live for three things, metal, Macs, and making your heart race. I'll leave it up to you to decide which one I do best ...;p.
Metal, 7 and 8 string guitars. Horror movies. Also I like Chubby girls with glasses 'cuz they "think" they don't get as much lovin' as a barbies, so it's up to pretty bois like me to prove them wrong .....wink. Not hatin' on the skinny girls tho',,,, just don't like it when I break them ..sob.
Stupid people, oh and brussel sprouts (yuck).
Favorite Music
Angelspit Bloodbath Cannibal Corpse Chapelblaque Combichrist Compression Cradle of Filth Darkane Death Devo Fear Factory Frontline Assembly Gorguts Interlock King Diamond Korn London After Midnight Machines of Living Death Meshuggah Mindless Self Indulgence Ministry Morbid Angel Nevermore Orgy Origin Pantera Rammstein Rasputina Red Harvest Sioxsie and the Banshees Skinny Puppy The Birthday Massacre The Gathering The Plasmatics The Wake Theatre of Tragedy VNV Nation Wumpscut