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You only have a two-pronged career strategy as a child. One is to become an ice cream tycoon, and the other is to become a giraffe. If you get close to either of those, you're probably going to be happy.
Status: It's been like a billion years since I've been on here, oops.
Sex: female
Age: 25
Location: Davison, Michigan, United States

Member since: February 09, 2012
Account: Free Account
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single and not looking
Plotting against: Maggot_Life
Best Friends with: YourVendetta
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About Me
About Me
I am no good at these self descriptive things. It could quite possibly be because I'm a flakey person in general. What I like, what I want, what I'm planning for my life...those things all change on a daily/weekly basis. The only timeless things about me are that I am very accidentally charismatic, I make friends wherever I go, even if I don't mean to or want to. I love to read and write and I will always, ALWAYS prefer real books over stupid handheld tablets and shit. I am clumsy. I can hardly walk on my own two feet without being presumed drunk because I am the least graceful person in the world. I want to do a million different things with my life so I have no idea where I'll be five or ten years from now. I'm careless and sometimes rude, full of common sense but I hardly ever use it, indecisive and bossy, but I will still probably end up being one of your favorite people that you've ever met.

Which, is sort of unfortunate, actually. Because I don't really like people.

I only really need one person in my life, and it is my best friend Sam(YourVendetta). She's been my best friend since we were 12, and she will be my best friend for the rest of my life. The only thing stopping her from being my actual family is DNA, but that doesn't matter because she is closer to me than any of my real siblings. I am a firm believer that no one else in the world will ever know what it is like to have a best friend like I do. Most people think they find their soulmate fairytale bullshit in a lover, but I happened to have found mine in my best friend isntead.
Things I Enjoy
*Wearing way too much makeup
*Buying shoes I will never, ever wear
*Coffee&Cigarettes, especially when paired together
*Dancing by myself, because I'm absolutely AWFUL at it
*Drinking coffee way too late at night
*Drinking booze way too early in the morning
*Marine biology
*Watching basically anything on Animal Planet
(Especially River Monsters! :D )
*Drinking nonalcoholic drinks in fancy glasses
*Tattoos&Piercings (obviously)
*Making lists (hurrhurr)
*Things that smell good!
*Singing, but I'm also pretty bad at that.
*Reading. Love reading more than anything
*Writing, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Making Jewelry,
(basically anything artsy! Even though I'm not very good at any of it. I do it for enjoyment not the outcome.)
*Standup comedy :)
*Being an aunt&godmother,
(I love the little ones in my life, but I don't want my own yet.)
*Live music
*Bars & Bartending, I'm great at mixing drinks ;)
*Being generally obnoxious
*Having long nails.
*Sleeping, I do it way too much or way too little.
*Taking walks
*Bright colors! :D
Things I Cannot Stand
*Dark beer
*Running out of incense
*The female equivalent of Blue Balls.
*McDonalds. Just the smell of it makes me barf
*People who use Q's in place of G's when they type. (example: omfq instead of omfg) *Tapioca Pudding. Blllrruururughurhgurhg BARF.
*People who break the ice by telling me I have nice boobs.
(I know they're there. You know they're there. Find something less creepy to say please.)
*Internet relationships, because they make me sad.
*Being away from my mom for long periods of time
(Yes. I am a huge baby and I love my mom.)
*My hair, because it doesn't cooperate with me.
*World of Warcraft. I hate it more than anything in the world.
(Yes, I'm a WoW Widow. Yes, I'm biased. Do I care? NO. FUCK WOW.)
*Hot weather.
Tunes I Frequently Jam To
My music taste varies. I generally don't discriminate against music, even if it isn't my taste.
If someone loves to make music and makes a career out of it, more power to them.
But the bands/artists I currently listen to most consist of:
Alkaline Trio
Kottonmouth Kings
Hed PE
Kings of Leon
Head Automatica
The Offspring

There are many more, but those are the most recent and fresh in my mind
My Favorite Shit
yes. I'm going to make a list of my favorite things
Because I'm self centered and I'm going to pretend that everyone gives a shit.

Color: Yellow and Purple. But NOT together. Gross.
Song: My favorite song changes like, monthly, but at the current moment it is
Royals by Lorde
Movie: Empire Records! :D
Drink: Nonalcoholic- toss up between Arctic Shatter Powerade and Arizona Green tea.
Alcoholic-Johnny Vegas.
Food: Mexican food. Why? Because you can drink a giant margarita full of tequila along with your meal and not be judged!
And also, just because it's downright goddamn delicious.
Season: Fall/Winter. I hate hot weather.
Animal: As a house pet, cats. But I love learning about water-based wildlife.
Holiday: St. Patrick's Day. Any day where you are encouraged to get sloshed is phenomenal.
Book: The Crimson Petal And The White by Michael Faber.
Sport: To watch-hockey, To play-...well none. I'm lazy and I'm an asshole and I don't like sports.

Maybe I'll add more to this someday. I don't know.
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