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male, 30
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My name Is Ian
Im 25
Im Irish
Im pretty friendly..........but
If your just going to whine about how much your life sucks to me, please fuck off now. I cant be arsed listening,
I have more important things to do; like being awesome.

Also im aware my profile isnt that amazing, but look i get payed to design at work, this profile shite i could care less about.
SUIT UP!!!!!!!!!

Old Dos games.
Some art, H.R Geiger to be more of a stereotype
My dogs(Maggie & danni, my mom named them not me)
Complete shite B movies. Because i like my cheese so bad its offensive
Tattoos(planning on more

People who photoshop in tattoos to make themselves look cool
, you know who your are and i hope you felate a loaded gun in the near future.
Annoying Cult invites, i know there sent at random, but im still going to power bomb you for not having the respect to read my profile first.

I Listen to allot of different music.
I dont really have a favourite band.
I suppose industrial/ebm ect. would be the style that gets the pulse going
If you want names ask, just dont ask me to name me top ones because thats just annoying.

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

My first vf sign!
a href="http://s136.photobucket.com/albums/q179/Az_slaughter/?action=view&current=24qqqom.jpg" target="_blank">Photobucket



Im putting pics and names in later! Although having said that when i typed later that was a good 3 years ago.