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Twice ^^
for cults
Status: "Those who think the sky is the limit, show a clear lack of creativity"
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Sex: female
Age: 19
Location: Elsewhere, Macedonia
Orientation: Straight
Status: Widow
Buddies with: trinityterror78
It's complicated with: Anabela_Dawn_Riddler
In a gang with: lazht00
Member since: March 03, 2011
Last logged in: Invisible
Occupation: Going elsewhere,exploring the world and its beauty :D
Account Status: Free Account
Latest Journal Entry: Jame's gifs   November 05, 2015, 05:35am


"Another day, a different dream perhaps."

The Fucking About Here

I didn't have this one for a while, mostly because I've realised that people never bother to read your profile, even when you mark something with enormously big red letters. So this time I won't leave any kind of information in this section, connected to me. If you are interested in anything, be bothered to ask and if I see you as somewhat interesting I might even reply.


• New places • Interesting people • Circus • Cabaret • Playing piano • Cellos • Inline skating • Extreme sports • Things out of the ordinary • Wicca ...


• Unintelligent people • Lack of space/time • Norm • People who can't look beyond their noses • Racism and discrimination of any kind • Followers ...

The Fucking Cults Here


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