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female, 31
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First things first Akasha_chronicle:

- Is not a bitch although she can come across a bit cold and distant sometimes.).
- Tries to sugar coat things. Why hurt people when you can be diplomatic.
- Is open minded but she knows what she likes and loathes.
- Loves to party and dance no but�s there ;)
- Is spiritual but still with both feet on the ground.
- Is a social creature but a lone wolf at the same time.
- Can love deeply but finds it difficult to be in a conventional relationship.

Well I thought it was time to write me a new introduction. A lot of things happened in my life the past months and they changed me to a large extent (but I'm not willing to go into detail about them).
I finished university as a religious studier. I celebrate the wheel of the year and try to live in a close relationship with nature. Last year I moved to a little house in the woods and I really love it.
I'm kind of a weird girl and that is probably the reason why I ended up on this site. Though not the most social one in the world I'm always in the mood for a good party or conversation/discussion. The stranger the better, I think myself to be very open-minded.
I'm not a very easy person to get close to but once you get in there, you are in there for life. Only a few souls were able to pull that of and they are very dear to me (you know who you are ;) ). My true friends accept it when I dissapear from time to time. I need a lot of time on my own to recharge my batteries. I'm not a depressed person but I find it difficult to cope with this world. A feeling of not belonging and incompleteness is not strange to me.
As for hobbies I like reading, writing,going out, travelling, taking long walks, running after my dog etc.
Well this is everything for now, have to keep a little bit of a mystery going ;). If you want to know more just ask, I promise to be a good girl ;)

Blessed Be

- *My secret and sin* (you know who you are <3)
- Absinth
- sleeping
- biting and being bitten
- dreaming
- good music
- incense (Opium, Nag champa, spiritual guide, patchouli)
- candlelight
- red wine
- moonlight
- nature
- faeries
- animals
- history
- vampirisme
- night time
- goth boys (of course)
- (old)books
- reading (especially Tanith Lee)
- bondage
- fangs
- churches and graveyards
- photography
- festivals (W.O.A, m'era luna,...)
- art
- mythology
- movies (costume dramas, fantasy, vampire, thriller)
- silver
- chains
- meditation
- cartoons: American Dad, family guy, simpsons
- Jim Hensson: the storyteller, freggels,...
- the smell of fish
- rude/ignorant/disrespectful/loud people (in other words most people in general ;) )
- to sleep alone
- being out of candles/incense and booze
Favorite Music
�My dying bride� �Type o negative� �Cradle of filth� �Moonspell� �Opeth� �Amon Amarth� �Finntroll� �Potentia Anime�(*) �Hagalaz' rundedance� (*) �Death can dance� �Arch enemy� �Blackmore's night� (*) �Nightwish� �Paradise lost� �In extremo� �Haggard� �Tanzwut� �Lacrimosa� �Hypochrisy� �Dimmu borgir� �Mayhem� �Trail of tears� �Rammstein� �Covenant� �Combichrist �Rhapsody� �Iron maiden� �Morbid angel� �Epica� �Suicide commando� �Blutengel� �Bauhaus� �Finntroll� �Rosa Crux� �Subway to sally� �Inkubus sukkubus� (*) �Cr�xshadows� (*) �69 eyes� �Oceans of sadness� �Manic movement� �Autumn tears� (*) �Saltatio mortis� �Corvus Corax� �Omnia� �Faun� �In somnis� �Terminal choiche� �Metallica (old)� (*) �P.A.L� �Wumpscut� �Immortal� �Deathstars� �Arcana� �Dargaard� �In dying grace� (*) �Therion� �Apocalyptica� �Nevermore � �Children of bodom� �Arch enemy� �Lords of acid� �Crematory� �Cantar� �Novembers Doom� �Agathodaimon� (*) �Nile� �The sins of thy beloved� �Erben der Sch�pfung� (*) �Blood Flowerz� (*) �Six feet under� �Inhuman hatred� �Theatres des vampires� (*) �Feindflug� �Kirlian Camera�(*) �Mayhem� �Pain� (*) �Diary of dreams� �Machinehead (old)� �Panchrysia� (*) not Seen live yet