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* February 10, 2016 *
Interview with She Must Burn
New Music Interview

Our Latest Addition To The Music Interviews
She Must Burn are a bright new star on the grindcore scene. Their music carries a mix of gut ripping sounds with a wonderful melodic sound and tone. They recently toured with Cradle Of Filth and have just released their debut EP, to top it all off February saw She Must Burn signing to Shan Dan Horan's Artery Records. Read the She Must Burn interview here on Vampire Freaks Full Interview with She Must Burn

* February 10, 2016 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!


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* February 09, 2016 *
Exploitation of the Underground
Written by our good friend jess-o-lantern , here's an interesting article about her interview at an 'alternative culture' company which turns out to just be a corporate exploitation.

Exploitation of the underground and you
* February 08, 2016 *
Writhe and Shine #362 - He's My Man
* February 08, 2016 *
VF Book Review on Illuminae
Hey VF readers,
Here's GigiRose with this week's VF book review on the book entitled "Illuminae"

Check out the review and let us know if you've read this book. Feel free to add your own review or even give some recommendations on what the VF members should read next.

Recommended for fans of: Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, 2001 A Space Odyssey

Conspiracy theorists, amateur detectives, sci fi fanatics, and computer geeks alike will find this bizarre and haunting novel impossible to put down.

The first installment in a new trilogy, Illuminae is something special. Written as a case file, the pages twist and turn with riveting layouts designed to make you feel as though you're digging through compiled papers and reports.

Words are scratched out, circled, and highlighted. There are pages of schematics and illustrations, none of which should be skimmed over. The story jumps from recovered psych files to video surveillance to medical documents, slowly unraveling a series of terrifying events.

Out in the remote regions of space, a small mining colony on the planet Kerenza finds itself under attack by a rival corporation. Bombed, shot down, and hit with biological weapons, only three ships of refugees manage to escape. With only one military ship between them, the small fleet realizes their best chance is to make a run for it. Unfortunately their attacker, BeiTech Industries, doesn't want any witnesses left alive.

The fleet has few advantages other than a head start. The ships are manned mostly by civilians and research scientists, they have few supplies, and their artificial intelligence system may be damaged beyond repair. The odds are stacked against them.

The true magic of this story is its protagonists. Kady and Ezra are two teenage refugees with nothing left in the world except for each other. Stranded on different ships they begin sending one another messages. It's through these recovered messages, dug up and added to the case file, that we begin to piece together the tragic fate of the Kerenza refugees.

I highly recommend buying the hardcover of this book because it is beautifully made. If you can only go for the ebook version, don't worry, it's still fantastic.

Written by Gigirose
* February 08, 2016 *
New VF Model!

New VF Model!
Please welcome...

* VictoriaLoveLace *

All information on how to become a VF model is listed on the Models profile.
Aspiring models should join our Hopefuls cult!
* February 05, 2016 *
Don't Break My Heart and I won't break your...
VF Heartbreaker Contest
We're having a heartbreaker contest and giving away FREE heart-shaped glasses in honor of the broken hearts for valentine's day.
Simply comment here on this thread and tell us your story about breaking someone's heart or having your heart broken and we will pick 3 lucky winners to get FREE glasses!

Contest ends Monday morning!

Also, we're giving out free heart-shaped glasses if you order anything on this page of sale products.
VampireFreaks Store
Heart Shaped Glasses
Limited Time Special - Now until Sunday, while supplies last!
Purchase ANYTHING on This Page,
and get a pair of FREE heart-shaped glasses! ($14.99 regular value)
Tell us which color sunglasses you want in the 'special notes' during checkout! If you do not specify we will pick a random color. We have black, red, purple and pink!
* February 03, 2016 *
VF Friendship story winners!
After going through everyone’s VF friendship stories, I want to say that I was emotionally touched by you guys,
reading about the hardships you’ve gone through, your failed events, traveling great distances to meet, going through family issues, health issues, etc.
Yet through it all, sometimes the hard times bring you closer together and create long-lasting friendships and relationships.
It’s beautiful when you find someone you can connect with and I’m humbled and happy to be a part of bringing people together.
I wasn't that sure about this contest idea at first but I gotta say it's been one of my favorite ones in a while.
Now I know we were only supposed to pick a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner but we just couldn't narrow it down and you guys did such an awesome job and I'm feeling generous today so we've got a bunch of winners!

1st Place Winners:
Elses and SomethingElse
AlexaAdorkable and Verona
Red_Stagnation and Whitehouse
Kelican and CarefulWithThatBus

2nd Place Winners:
Shorty-Chan and DarkestLullabye
ChemicalxUnbalance and HeavenzHell
NikolidaSpi and 4tticus

3rd Place Winners:
Santanica and -Enigma-
VvelvetnightvV and kanedark66
Emily_Strange_575 and Joewiz92
east and breathquiet and 1x37

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and great job with the stories.
1st Place winners - Look out for an inbox regarding your prize of the VF gift certificate and matching VF tshirts
2nd and 3rd Place winners - we will automatically activate your premium membership and featured member spots. :-)
* February 03, 2016 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!

T-Bex * DeadlyNightShade13

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* February 02, 2016 *
Writhe and Shine #361 - Introspection

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