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female, 17
In a relationship
i have a new one... wont be paid for a while but it better!
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I have no damn clue what to put on this thing. Ahh well. I'm not one to be flirty with anybody on this website. THANK YOU! Anywhores, I'm quite shy the first few hours plus you have to get past the whole she looks like a bitch thing but after that i get hyper and start saying inappropriate and weird things heheh. *taps chin* What. Else. What. Else. I'm a complete nerd when it comes to anime. DON'T JUDGE ME THAT SHIT IS AMAZING! Jeez... hard to please. I love, Love, LOVE coffee. Hmmmmmmmm I'm usually fixing relationships and peoples problems cause I am the all mighty one. My favorite super hero is either Batman or Iron Man. I can't chose sue me! I'm Bisexual. No i don't lean towards any side. It's personality yuppity yup yup When I die imma gonna be a mother fucking cloud cause clouds a lazy and don't deal with no shit Nope they fucking throw lighting bolts like they own earth and is Zeus! And I have skype now :s yup.
coffee, music, dark and milk chocolate, sushi, O.O if I were to put everything i listen to it would be super long.... so I wont. ANIME!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT my favorite... is one piece :$ LOL i dont know when i watch or read it, it makes my day with it stupidity XD umm.... i love to sing.... Oh my ULTIMATE FAVORITE BAND IS *drum roll please!!!!!!!* Alesana! You should know I'm dangerous. My thirst for blood turns me on... How sweet... Is this what we pictured the night that we said, "you're the one"? I'm going crazy without you, It's hard to believe but I'm having fun
bitches that whine and neg to the point were your ready to snap their neck none direction justine beiver or something like that rap unless it for those few... chick flicks and my soon to be ex-girl friend if she has the fucking guts to bitch at me for one day i dont talk to her and YET i dont fucking bitch at her for ignoring me for a week THEN SO BE IT!
Favorite Music
i listen to alot....rnbut I like mostly 'screamo" and stuff lets start a list shall we? -Little kinky -Blood on the dance floor -JJ Demon -Adele -Alesana -All time low -Amy can flyy -Avenged Sevenfold -Avion Roe -Black veil brides -Breathe Carolina -CatchingYourClouds -Consider me dead -Cute is what we aim for -Despite my deepest fear -Escape the fate -Falling in reverse -Farewell, my love (could melt) -Florence and the machine -Forever sets the sun -Framing Hanley -Get Scared -Her bright skies -Heyhihello -Jodi has a Hitlist -Linking park -Marianas trench -the midnight beast -Mumford & sons -My chemical romance -Neon trees -Never shout never -Nickasaur! -Owl city -Panic! at the disco -Papa roach -Pierce the veil -Playradioplay! (not his new shit or band or what ever I find that its crap know -.-") -The rocket summer -Sarah were is my tea -Sleeping with sirens -that sunday feeling -scary kids scaring kids -Three day grace -till the last breath -Tokio hotel -UVERworld -We the kings -30 seconds to mars -claps for caroline -Ghost Town -Of Mice&Men -Eskimo Callboy -More Than A Thousand -Erra -Crown The Empire -Chiodos -Hopes Die Last -Memphis May Fire -My American Heart -Sienna Skies -Breath Electric -Blessthefall -Before Their Eyes yup what i can see and think of LOL there are some bands that i would say are complete crap but alot of you would yell at me .. the only reason i think there crap would because they either cant scream worth shit or i just dont like the beat o.= yupity yup yup