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Sex: female
Age: 17
Location: in the closet, your room, United States
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: VF Addict
Sister:: x__xgothic-queen
Likes to party with: x__xgothic-queen
Recruited By: sammy
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Member since: June 13, 2011
Last logged in: June 06, 2013, 01:21pm
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I Love Seeing This [*] On My Inbox Or Comments So Make That Happen. Hello and don't take your time and read this ohk my name is Jasmine Amy Celestine Moreno if you must know but call me Amy. I am awesome to hang with. I'm all about Grammatical Errors and Spelling Errors so don't make them around me If You Do Then Go back To School. I Love To Read. Don't Give me your number because,I Love To Prank Call People. I have Too Many Dislikes. I Wear Green 4g Gauges. I Wear 3 Rings Two on my left hand and 1 on my right hand. You Don't Need To Know My Cup Size I'll Call You And Tell You if Possible. I am a VF addict. I Have 4 Half-Sisters 1 real-sister and 1-Half-Brother. I Don't Drink. I Don't Smoke Or Do Drugs. My favorite colors are neon blue and neon green. my height is 4'9" it's very short, right. I Live in Lafayette Indiana. My sister is x__xgothic-queen. Well, I'm Mexican and Spaniard mixed. I have dark red hair at the moment. I dye My Hair a lot. I have dyed it 9 times, highlights, highlights, Tips of My Hair Bleached, Light Brown and Black at the tips, purple, black, red, red, red, those are the colors in order I have dyed my hair. I love all of my besties. I weight 84lbs. If you would know I love Skrillex or Sonny Moore!when I grow up I wanna be a DJ like Skrillex (; but it won't happen.Talk To Me if you want I wont bite (lies)I'm not so outgoing and I'm not mean only to pedophiles. so talk to me.

THIS IS WHAT I DISLIKE People who are fake. People who are perverts. Girly Preps. When There is Ketchup in a bottle but it won't come out. When I come out of the shower and my eyes sting. When I'm cold and wish it was hot. When I'm hot and wish it was cold. When a class gets boring. When The internet is running slow. Holes in my socks. When my phone dies when I'm out somewhere. When i download a software that doesn't work. When I need to sharpen my eyeliner and Can't find a sharpener. When I sharpen my pencil, begin writing and the led breaks off. When My pillow Gets Hot and Needs to Be flipped. When Someone I don't know wants to be my face-book friend. When the nail polish on my nails come off the next day. Grammatical errors. Spelling errors. When my ring gets stuck in my hair. When I can't find a bra to wear. Getting into a strip club without pants. When I can't find the picture I'm looking for. When My tummy hurts. When I crave something I don't have. When I send someone a message and they respond a million years later. When I Eat Something Then Choke On It And Start Coughing Uncontrollably. When I spell Something So wrong It's Not Even There When I Use Auto-Check. When People Notice Your Bad Hair Day.When I can't find The Exact Thing I need. When There is nothing good on TV. When A White Carpet Looks Grey. When a Glow Stick's Glow Goes Out. When I don't Have Enough Money To Buy Something. When A Baby Cries. When Something Is In A Different Language USE ENGLISH PEOPLE! When People Are Mean To Me. When I step In a Puddle. When I get Soap In my Eye. When I Don't Win Bingo. Tejano Music. I'm A VF Addict.When My boobs Are Too big To fit in a Shirt. People With Their Username Emo_____. Head-Phones That Only Work On One Side. (optional) Slow Songs. My Forehead. People Who Sound Like They Shard When They Fart. My Sister Sometimes. Hot Soda. School Pictures. Carrying My BvB Backpack And Jack skellington Purse Everywhere I go in school. When Something cold goes on my belly, back, or neck. When Movies Are Boring In the Beginning. When People Say They Got $w@gg3r.

THIS IS WHAT I LIKE Prank Calling People With My Cousin. Vans. Video Games. Hot Topic. Porcelain Dolls. Mustaches. Jarritos. Sangria. I Like popping bubble wrap. Chewing On the End Of A Straw. Interesting Education. Drawing On My Homework With A Highlighter. Scribbling And Doodling. Cats. Watching The Clock Count Down At School. Smelling Sharpie Markers. Dyeing My Hair. Exercising (unlike some people). Music. Doing Things Independently. Drawing On My Hands. Sleeping. VF. Eating NeOn TaCo$. The Sheets Commercial. Ripping Paper. Touching People's Hair. Sleeping With Someone Warm. Face-book. Chicken Strips. PAC-Man. The Uno Game. The Mexican Word Of The Day. The Word Avocado In Spanish. Cussing/gossiping Around Non-Spanish Speakers. Sierra Mist Soda. Purple Stuff. Converse. Starbucks. Taco Bell. Patrick Star. Vans Warped Tour. 5 Gum. Monster Energy Drinks. Blueberry Muffins. Hello Kitty. The Preacher With A Can Of Pringles Up His Ass. Life Saver Gummies. Eating Cookie Dough When It's Not Cooked. DC Shoes. Hersheys. Being Short. Smoking Smarties. Hot Pockets. Bill Nye The Science Guy. Sour Patch Kids. Koolaid. Dippin Dots. Nutella. ICEE. slurpeez. last Day Of School. Vitamin Water. Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Loud Music. Mitch Connor. Oreoz. Brownies. Ice cream. Green Pillows. INTERNET. Concerts With My Besties. Wild art. Turtles. My Hair. My Life. Wearing 17 bracelets everyday. Photography.

Blood on The Dance Floor. Skrillex. Attack Attack. Korn. Steve Aoki. Breath Carolina. Black Veil Brides. AfroJack. Bullet for my Valentine. Avenged Sevenfold. From First To Last. Asphyxia. hopes die last. Robbie Rivera. Chuckie. Eisenfunk. Ferry Corsten. Make Me Famous. Cradle Of Filth. Cherri Bomb. Rancid. Miss May I. Hispanic Causing Panic. Misfits. Three Six Mafia. Lil Jon. Rick Ross. The Pretty Reckless. Bjork. Whitechapel. Sweedish House Mafia. Sixx A.M. Tyga. Metallica. Alesana. Escape The Fate. Asking Alexandria. Fall Out Boy. Disturbed. My Chemical Romance. Panic At The Disco. David Guetta. All Time Low. Mayday Parade. Pantera. A Day To Remember. Halestorm. Tiesto. Bring Me The Horizon. Daft Punk. The Ready Set. Chunk No Captain Chunk. Woe Is Me. The Devil Wears Prada. AFI. Paramore. Craig Mabbit. Nightwish. Eyes Set To Kill. Benny Benassi. Sonny Moore. Deadmau5. Ellie Goulding. Rusko. Nero. Martin Solveig. Slipknot. Blessthefall. Marilyn Manson. Jeffree Star. J Bigga. Within Temptation. Modern Day Escape. Experiment Haywire. Evanescence. Peirce The Veil. Iwrestledabearonce


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