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ahhhh more up to date face. boooo quick rushed pic. woot. joys of waking up and immediately going out huh. time before when my hair got the snip! i felt more comfortable when it got to this length
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Dan's Life! (:

If you start Reading this and do so til the bottom I will love you and should so message me!
This is still a work in progress Profile (:

Context. Scroll Down For Your Interest!
Me&Growing Up! . People . Games . Music . Favourites . Anime

So Hai! My Full name is Daniel Michael Livings
but call me Dan (:
I may not look it but I'm 22! 21/04/1990 (:
I have green / blue eyes, about 5'11 and around 123 pounds. I know, I'm skinny (x
I love my family! i have 1 sister and 2 brothers all older then me.
My Dad takes care of us all and my mum and grandparents look over us all <3
I'm single, Straight, smoke and drink at times together.
and I enjoy the socialness of everything!
I'm also very stubborn, self concious, Impatient at times and Sarcastic!
Don't take what I say seriously (:
Remember my humour is Sarcasm! I live on it!
And I don't like keeping people waiting!
I also get easily distracted, if I talk to you and randomly disappear I'm sorry!
Besides all that I'm extremely friendly and love to listen (:
Also Used to play abit of Guitar and Piano back in the day (:


Me and my siblings have had or still have somethin wrong when we were born
I was born half-deaf, that was interesting! I was young, no idea why i was allowed off school
and had no idea why i was in hospital bed about to have surgery or waking up in pain.
I say things like instead of yellow i say lellow.
Went to speech Therapy after it. It helped but to this day
I still stutter and sometimes messup my 'W's and 'R's.
I try hard to say them right thats why might take a second or 2 to say it and my stutter i just make a funny noise (x

Was super shy throughout school. Got bullied alot and thats why i have a low selfesteem
I always think I think bad even if everything is perfect
The low selfesteem is still there and the shyness but I try my hardest on the shyness!
As a results I push myself to make a conversation in the silence or just 1st meeting people. I don't want to be that kid again.

Gave up in School around the 9th year. Just had Enough of it all.
1st Girlfriend was at 18. No surprise.
Met a few friends but they changed and still do, yearly.

I barely eat. I just love my liquids (:

I've cut myself alot in the past. Don't do it (: makes things worse. And no i don't anymore (:

>My Interests and hobbies<

This is most likely going to the biggest part!
1st of all


I LOVE talkative people.
I absolutely LOVE making new friends from anywhere around!
I LOVE writing essays back and forth to someone.
I LOVE it when people actually put an effort to making me a friend.
I Hate people that reply with one word answers. just Fuck.OFF.
If you talk to me . ThankYou and iLoveYou!


I play too many Games for my liking. But for any gamer fans. here you go!

I grew up with the Nintendo Systems. Played abit of the Playstation until i got my own.
Owned original xbox but i wasn't particularly fanboy with any company.
Until the beginning of 360 i supported them and thought everyone sucked. But now they all have there perks
Including the classic Consoles. i now love em all.
I grew up with like I say the Nintendo Systems and there was 2 characters I instantly loved!


Yoshi and Kirby


Most adorable characters ever!
I love everything about them ^-^


I played Sega consoles from time to time but Sonic Adventure battle 2 was the one that stuck out the most for me.
Sonic Generations was alright too! Can't wait for the xbl release of SAB2.

When it came to the Gamecube, PS2 and xbox era. And started seeing serious gaming. Alot of great games but 2 characters I came obsessed with also ontop of my favourite characters! One being into 3D and one just being plane being awesome.


I would do both of them! Pref Samus :D! I played my fair share of games. CoD, Halo, Gears, Resistance, Mario etc.
But now it has come to a point where nearly every game is just boring as majority are shooters.
and now thats made me miss my Adventure games like Oldschool Spyro or any decent RPGS anymore. MAKES ME SAD ;-;

Admittedly as well I've played alot of Minecraft and far too much World of Warcraft
Yes i know, i know. I'm a nerd!
Stopped those games tho (x
I just missed games being good and not just over hyped pile of you shit. You played FinalFantasy13? Jeez.


Their first 3 albums made me love them. there 1st song what got me fully into the rock genre. and I classed these as my favourite band.


I liked this band so much i withstood their next 2 albums which had songs i could tolerate and actually listen to. But with there stupid approach to a new genre basically, there album 'LIVING THINGS' just pissed me off. Its a bad album. Only way you'd listen to that is if you licked Linkin Parks Assholes

Besides that! In the Gamecube Era! I found my next favourite bands that no one has ever heard of!
Cauterize and Crush 40.
Crush40 do Sonic songs and Cauterize did 2 songs on the Gamecubes 1080 Snowboard game.
Later i came to love Simple Plan.

Back in the day I listened to depressing music all the time.
Be the sad one of everyone.
But like my gaming interest now of basically every console
that has happened to my Genres of music.
My favourite kind of music is the Rock genres and Dance genres.
So from anything from Heavy Metal, Indie to Dance and trance.
even listen to some rap as well as long as it has good lyrics or meaning.
but now there's one thing I can't stand anymore
Yeah lyrics can be good and meaningful but they can get you down.
Music influences you
and why would I want to be sad?
Thats why i Listen to some dance and trance because alot of it is very uplifting!
Look to the right for a list of Artists I like.


My favourites of anything that comes to mind now !

Music: Soundtrack
Fruit: Mangos!
Drink: Vanilla Coke (no one sells them here anymore tho ): )
Alcoholic Drink: Vodka Monster
Food: uhmmm...? Pizza?
IceCream: Cookie Dough (:
Anime: Naruto
Movie Genre: Horror
Game Genre: Horror / RPG / Adventure

I have no idea what else to put down. So!


NES;Donkey Kong Country! I think.
SEGA: Sonic the Hedgehog
Gameboy: Pokemon Red
SNES: Link to a Past, Illusion of GAIA
Playstation: Final Fantasy 8
N64: Ocarina of Time
Dreamcast: Phantasy Star Online, Sonic Adventure / 2
Gamecube: Resident 4, Mario Sunshine
Playstation 2: Metal Gear Solid 2
Xbox: Halo 2, Project Zero 2
PC: Amnesia
Xbox360: Kameo; Elements of power, Skyrim
Playstation3: Ratchet and Clank Series
Wii: Mario Galaxy

Plenty Of other games but I just can't think!


I should really watch more but I don't wanna watch a few episodes and hate it and waste my time ):
I've watched a few tho! not many. But I've watched or still watching;
Bleach, Fairy Tale, Neon Genesis, Devil May Cry..
forgotten already what the other few are :( but my favourite of all time!

naruto banner



I'm getting kind of bored of this site but i'm always on these! Add me!
Feel free to add me on anything if you tell me who you are there (:



Skype Username : ChewbuccaAfro

MSN: Dan.Livings@hotmail.com

KiK: iJetGemini

Xbox Gamertag: iJetGemini

PS3 Tag: iJetGemini (Currently Don't have a PS3)

World Of Warcraft
World Of Warcraft EU Real ID: Dan.Livings@hotmail.com

League Of Legends
League Of Legends Name (EU): iJetGemini

It's all me don't worry (:! befriend me ^-^
List Of Music

Marissaaaaaa! :D
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Apr 17, 2014, 02:19am
Ok so I know I'm young but I saw you an said hey he might be fun friend. Anyway I have to agree with you that naruto is the best but in my book pokemon is. I love Pikachu and squrttle. Second I too lived in the gamecube era I use to have Tony hawks game and another that I can't remember the name. Third I'm sorry to read about your hearring. My apologies I'm Chris or christina which ever. :-) I love making friends and love talking as well. Fourth I use to cut as well never really made me happy I don't know why ibdd it in the first place. But I don't do it anymore. Oh and about pokemon I use to watch it but sadly I regret I do not. I miss the old school polemics the original those were the fun episodes. Food I love mangos I could live on them if I could. Anyway I'm writing this to you to prove I read your profile and can't wait to read more because you actually look like a fun friend :-D oh wait my question xD would you like to be friends :-) again I know I'm young but friends are friends anyway nice to meet/ read you


Apr 15, 2014, 01:53pm
10 Cutie Pie


Apr 05, 2014, 01:40am
hey i'm cookie


Apr 03, 2014, 10:19am
hi im mia ^.^


Mar 25, 2014, 01:55pm
Haha, I don't respond properly even if I'm with the person... My last boyfriend said 'I love you' and I replied with 'thanks' :')

At least you were drunk! So maybe that's a kind of excuse? ;P I think I'm still gonna avoid this tea beverage, not my kinda thing I think :-) it perhaps sounds a bit queer, but still true! TWINS4LYF! There you go, we can be dorky together ;3

Go onto feature point website, register with code RCN5XY

I will <3 <3 you forever ;3
(That's double love ;D)

You can get iTunes/amazon vouchers for downloading and deleting apps, I got 3 CDs already :-D


Mar 23, 2014, 02:39pm
Love isn't so bad if it works out for you (personally I'm not a fan of it) it's good if they like you so you can have a laugh tho! :-) care to explain this heels story? ;D I'm intrigued. And here I was thinking that tea was just tea, clearly I need to be educated on the proper ratios for these things :P
It's oki ;3 mines been quite peachy! I've had drama with my ex too so guess we're kinda like twins? :')

Go onto feature point website, register with code RCN5XY

I will <3 <3 you forever ;3
(That's double love ;D)

You can get iTunes/amazon vouchers for downloading and deleting apps, I got 3 CDs already :-D


Mar 18, 2014, 02:48pm
I cant remember now xD was a while ago xD

blackrose To see a world in a grain of sand,And a heaven in a wild flower,Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,And eternity in an hour blackrose


Mar 18, 2014, 01:28pm
Maybe you just haven't met the pervy ones yet! Give it time, they'll come a running ;D well me and you are nice people so that's two out of the whole world :P

Sometimes a girl needs a weapon! Like heels, heels were clearly invented as weapons of mass destruction, some of the points on those! They could do more damage than a flipping knife in the right hands! Or the wrong ones depending on how you look at it :')

Hahaa, I don't eat soup :P or drink tea for that matter but I am truly British, but tea is awful! Especially the hippie green tea kinds D; gah! Just no thank you

Has anything remarkable happened today? 'Cept from our little convo we've got going on here :')


Mar 16, 2014, 07:07pm
I dunno, I've seen some pretty pervy girls on here too! Maybe that's what the internet does to people...turns everyone into massive pervs, then there's is dandy people that are left :') I just ate a big one of the jar thingys to myself... :3 some films are exciting! I love horror, I scare myself shitless them take irons to the loo in case someone is tryna get me (kinda dorky I know, don't judge! :P) you should eat some soup, why lonely?


Mar 16, 2014, 06:38pm
It's ok :-) mines straight to the point cause no one used to read it! Literally the first thing it said was my name and then I'd get people asking what is was -.-' flipping ridiculous! Tho it was better than 'you got cam babe' haha thankyou! :-) I'm feeling pretty peachy, how are you? I've had a lazy weekend with Ben and Jerry :3