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It's been a while since I updated this, so I figured I'll go ahead and do that now. Call me Rage. You get to earn my real name. That doesn't mean I think my shit don't stink. Just that I don't like being an open book if I can help it. However, that doesn't mean I'm a hermit. I'd open up and be friendly and sociable and all of that, but don't count on me just jumping into whatever conversations/situations I come across.

I'm a fairly shy, quiet person until I'm more comfortable in my environment. And even then I usually don't get loud. Be that as it may, I do like to make new friends, especially when they have similar tastes.

I like to read, write when I can, paint when the mood hits me, and generally, to use my imagination. To create. To exercise my mind. Sure, I like to play video games, but my life isn't about them as it is for some people.

Mostly I read, and often I use Blender, an animation program. I don't always animate, but there's more to Blender than just that.
I don't like loud people, or people that drag everyone into their bullshit situations. I work with so many of those that I often consider finding another job, but then when I think about it, I realize that it's not something that can be escaped. People are like that everywhere. I'm doing my best to cope with it but sometimes I just want to backhand someone.

But mostly (and don't laugh) it's old ladies. Mostly, I want to backhand those bitches, even if I get fired/arrested.
Just seems like it'd be satisfying.

I also don't like getting sick. And I've started to hate the cold lately, too. And snow.
Favorite Music
I like Voltaire, Gogol Bordello, System of a Down, Falconer, Dio, Megadeth, Dropkick Murphy's... The list goes on, but those are my absolute favorites. Though I don't listen to Dio or Megadeth all that often anymore. Probably should, though...